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Aug 23, 2014 3:47 PM by Ian Auzenne

Election 2014: The Complete Acadiana Ballot Guide


1) Amendment authorizes the legislature to create the Louisiana Medical Assistance Trust Fund. Money in that fund will be used to pay Medicaid reimbursements to the health care provider groups paying into the fund.

2) Amendment creates the Hospital Stabilization Fund. According to the amendment, the purpose of the fund is to stabilize and protect Medicaid reimbursements for health care services provided by hospitals paying into the fund. Amendment also authorizes the legislature to adopt a Hospitalization Stabilization Formula to define and establish the base reimbursement level for hospitals.

3) Amendment would allow an authorized agent of a tax collector to assist in the tax sale process, including property sales for recover delinquent taxes. Amendment also allow the authorized agent to be included in the costs that a tax collector can recover in the tax sale.

4) Amendment allows the state government to invest public funds to capitalize a state infrastructure bank. Amendment allows that bank to loan, pledge, guarantee, or donate public funds for eligible transportation projects.

5) Amendment repeals the 70-year age limit for state judges.

6) Amendment allows the New Orleans city government to increase annual millage rates to raise funds dedicated to fire and police protection. Amendment also requires any millage increase to be approved by New Orleans voters.

7) Amendment creates a homestead exemption of up to $150,000 on parish property taxes for veterans rated "100% unemployable" or "totally disabled" by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Amendment also extends the homestead exemption to the spouses of those qualifying veterans. Amendment would take effect on January 1, 2015, WITHOUT the need of a separate parishwide election.

8) Amendment establishes the Artificial Reef Development Fund in the state treasury to manage an artificial reef system. Money for the fund would come from grants, donations, and other public and private sources.

9) Amendment exempts property owners who are totally disabled from annually certifying the amount of their adjusted gross income in order to receive the special assessment level on their homes for property tax purposes.

10) Amendment creates an 18-month redemption period in every parish except Orleans for vacant residential or commercial property sold at a tax sale and has been declared abandoned or blighted.

11) Amendment would allow the governor and/or lieutenant governor to create a 21st department in the executive branch of state government.

12) Amendment adjusts the membership of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. Three members would be from the coastal parishes and would represent the commercial fishing and fur industries. Two members would be from the parishes north of Beauregard, Allen, Evangeline, Avoyelles, and Pointe Coupee. The final two members would be selected from the state at large.

13) Amendment authorizes the New Orleans city government to sell property located in the Lower Ninth Ward to "qualified purchasers" at a price fixed by the state legislature.

14) Amendment prohibits legislators from introducing or considering bills dealing with tax rebates, tax incentives, and tax abatements in a regular session held in even-numbered years.


U. S. Senator
--Wayne Ables (D)
--Bill Cassidy (R)
--Thomas Clements (R)
--Mary Landrieu (D-Incumbent)
--"Rob" Maness (R)
--Brannon Lee McMorris (L)
--Vallian Senegal (D)
--William Waymire, Jr. (D)

U. S. Representative, 3rd Congressional District
--Bryan Barrilleaux (R)
--Charles Boustany (R-Incumbent)
--Russell Richard (No Party)

U. S. Representative, 4th Congressional District
--John Fleming (R-Incumbent)
--Randall Lord (L)

U. S. Representative, 5th Congressional District
--Ralph Lee Abraham (R)
--Eliot Barron (G)
--Harris Brown (R)
--Zach Dasher (R)
--Clyde Holloway (R)
--Jamie Mayo (D)
--Vance McAllister (R-Incumbent)
--Charles Saucier (L)
--Ed Tarpley (R)

3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Judge, Second District, Election Section 2A
--D. Kent Savoie (R)
--"Jamie" Yelverton (R)

15th Judicial District Attorney
--Mike Harson (D, Incumbent)
--Keith Stutes (R)

16th Judicial District Judge, Division A
--Anthony "Tony" Thibodeaux (R)
--Dean Wattigny (R)

16th Judicial District Judge, Division G
--Lucretia Pecantte (D)
--"Tai" Porter-Green (D)
--Curtis Sigur (D)

16th Judicial District Judge, Division H
--Alisia Johnson Butler (D)
--Carolyn Deal (Other)
--Lori Landry (D, Incumbent)

Arnaudville Mayor
--Aymar "Pip" Bonin (D)
--"Kathy" Richard (D, Incumbent)

Arnaudville Chief of Police
--Eddy Lecompte (Other, Incumbent)
--Kenneth "Toby" Wetzel (D)

Arnaudville Aldermen (Five to be elected)
--Blake Couvillion (Other)
--Annette Guidry (D, Incumbent)
--Albert Joseph Guilliot (D)
--Jamie Huval (R)
--Todd Meche (R, Incumbent)
--Judith Romero (D)
--Louis Stelly, Jr. (D, Incumbent)
--Suzanne Stelly (D)

Basile Mayor
--Mark Denette (D)
--Berline Sonnier (D, Incumbent)

Basile Alderman District 1
--Frank Ceasar, Sr. (D)
--Darrell Reed (D)

Basile Aldermen District 2 (three to be elected)
--Rodney Bellon (D)
--Bron Dubroc (R)
--John "J. J." Jenkins (D)
--Carmen Ardoin Langley (No Party)
--Hunter Ortego (R)

Broussard Chief of Police
--Brannon Decou (R, Incumbent)
--Todd Mouton (R)

Duson Mayor
--Shane Blasingame (D)
--Carolyn "Susie" Lagneaux (D)
--Johnny Thibodeaux (D, Incumbent)

Duson Aldermen (Five to be elected)
--Steven Breaux (D)
--Eugene "Gene" Cahanin (D, Incumbent)
--Jimmy Champagne (D, Incumbent)
--Coby Duhon (D)
--Daniel "Danny" Forestier (No Party, Incumbent)
--"Steve" Hanks (Other)
--Marquita Robertson Henry (D, Incumbent)
--Sandra Lagneaux (D)
--Laurie Leon (D)
--Carroll Pepper (D, Incumbent)
--Carolyn "Pepe" Richard (D)
--Wade Robin (D)
--Gloria Breaux Sanchez (R)

Eunice Chief of Police
--Raymond "Bubba" Cole (D)
--Ronald Dies (R, Incumbent)
--"Randy" Fontenot (Other)
--Joseph "Jo Jo" Reed (D)
--Bart Thibodeaux (R)

Eunice Alderman, Ward 3
--James "Jr." Bergeron (R, Incumbent)
--Marion "Nootsie" Sattler (D)

Eunice Alderman at Large
--I. Jackson "Jack" Burson, Jr. (D, Incumbent)
--Chawana Fontenot (R)

Eunice City Judge
--Paul Brown (R)
--"Jay" Caswell (D)
--Josie Frank (D)
--"Terry" Hoychick (R)

Eunice City Marshal
--Terry Darbonne (D, Incumbent)
--Ronnie Valenta (D)



15th Judicial District Judge, Division F
--Burleigh Doga (D)
--"Mike" Goss (D)
--Jack Nickel (D)
--David Smith (D)

School Board, District 1
--Jeffrey "Jeff" Cavell (Other)
--Israel Syria (D, Incumbent)

School Board, District 3
--Delo Hebert Jr. (D)
--Dalton Newman (D)

School Board, District 5
--Blane Harmon (No Party)
--David Lalande (R, Incumbent)

School Board, District 6
--Gene Daigle (D, Incumbent)
--Candy Leger (Other)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 3
--Penny Duplechain Chavis (D)
--Elton "Bee" Cormier (D, Incumbent)

Constable, Ward 4
--Robert Bergeaux (D)
--"Mike" Habetz (R, Incumbent)
--Douglas Short (D)

Church Point Mayor
--Roger Boudreaux (D, Incumbent)
--Russell "Coach" Stelly (D)

Church Point Chief of Police
--Ronald Carrier (Other)
--"Kim" Foti (R)
--Mark Gilliam (R)
--Albert Venable, Sr. (D, Incumbent)

Church Point Alderman, Ward 1
--Adrian "A. D." Duplechain (D)
--Gene Malbrough (D)
--Debra Guidry Thomas (D, Incumbent)

Church Point Alderman, Ward 3
--Gary Duplechin (R, Incumbent)
--Diane Fonte (R)

Church Point Alderman, Ward 4
--"Chris" LeBas (R)
--"Cathy Barousse" Perkins (D)
--Robert Dale Wimberley (D)

Church Point Alderman, Ward 5
--Errol "Slu" Comeaux (D)
--Donald LeJeune (D, Incumbent)

Crowley Mayor
--"Jimmy" Broussard (D)
--Greg Jones (R, Incumbent)

Crowley Chief of Police
--Madeline Robinson Cronin (R)
--"K. P." Gibson (D, Incumbent)
--Bendell Hunter (D)

Crowley Alderman, Ward 3, Division B
--Walter Andrus (D)
--Ezora Proctor (D)

Crowley Alderman, Ward 4, Division B
--John "Larry" DuBose (R)
--"Tim" Monceaux (D)
--"Mike" Ritchie (D)

Estherwood Mayor
--Anthony Borill (D-Incumbent)
--Bryan "Rickey" Monceaux (Other)

Iota Mayor
--Damon Daigle (R)
--Julia "Mariette" Granger (D)

Iota Aldermen (Five to be elected)
--James "Quillan" Bertrand (D)
--Troy Lantz (D, Incumbent)
--Cody Leckelt (R)
--Morris "Dukey" Ledet (No Party)
--Raleigh Miller (D, Incumbent)
--Warren Pousson (D, Incumbent)
--Brenda Prather (Other, Incumbent)

Mermentau Aldermen (Three to be elected)
--Troy Cormier (D, Incumbent)
--David Fruge (D)
--Juanita Richard (D)
--Theresa Simon (D)

Morse Mayor
--Michael Chiasson (D)
--Darlene Thibodeaux (D)

Morse Chief of Police
--Gregory "Buddy" Guidry (other)
--August Guillory (No Party)
--Landun Primeaux (R)

Morse Aldermen (Three to be elected)
--Raymond Leger (D)
--Eric Primeaux (D)
--Peggy Romero (D, Incumbent)
--Hollins Trahan, Sr. (R)
--Ross Michael Trahan (No Party)

Rayne Mayor
--Roland Boudreaux (D, Incumbent)
--Chuck Robicheaux (R)

Rayne Chief of Police
--Terry Broussard (other)
--Joseph "Joe" Caillet (D)
--George Melancon (D)
--Carroll Stelly (D, Incumbent)
--David Sykes (Other)

Rayne Alderman, District 1
--Romel Charles (R)
--Anna "Ann" Domingue-Washington (D, Incumbent)
--Curtrese Minix (D)
--"Jim" Salter (Other)

Rayne Alderman, District 2
--Kenneth Guidry (Other)
--Aleke Kanonu Jr. (No Party)
--Larry Menard (D)

Rayne Alderman, District 3
--Calise Michael Doucet (D, Incumbent)
--Daniel "Big D" Venable (D)

Rayne Alderman, District 4
--James "Jimmy" Fontenot (D)
--Gerald Foreman (D, Incumbent)
--Elaine "Mama Wolf" Sias (D)

Rayne Alderman at Large
--Lendell "Pete" Babineaux (D)
--Maurice Menard (D)
--Brian Seth Mouton (D)

Rayne City Marshal
--Jamie Conques (D)
--Alex "Joe" Lacroix (D, Incumbent)
--"Ronnie Ron" Lavergne (No Party)




1) Mamou Fire Protection District No. 1: 10-year, 8.07 mill property tax renewal to fund the construction, improvement, maintenance, and operation of the district's fire protection facilities and the acquisition of fire trucks and other equipment.

13th Judicial District Judge, Division A
--Gilbert Aucoin (D)
--"Tony" Dupre (D)
--Gary Ortego (D)

School Board, District 6
--Micheal Fontenot (R)
--David Landreneau (D, Incumbent)

School Board, District 7
--Buck Dupuis (D, Incumbent)
--Sheila Joseph (D)

School Board, District 8
--Jackie "JD" Doucet (D)
--Wanda Anderson Skinner (D, Incumbent)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 5
--J. Michael "Mike" Causey (D)
--Annette Hazelton Fontenot (No Party)

Constables, Ward 3
--Wesley Childress (D)
--Brent Zackery (No Party)

Constables, Ward 4
--Durwin Carter (D)
--"Tim" Causey (D, Incumbent)

Constables, Ward 5
--Jeremy Lane Causey (D)
--Derrick Guillory (R)

Chataignier Chief of Police
--Paul Allen, Jr. (D, Incumbent)
--Bill Ortego (D)

Chataignier Aldermen (Three to be elected)
--J. B. Brasseaux (D)
--Debra Fontenot (D)
--Gail "Mac" McDavid (R, Incumbent)
--Joseph H. Simien (D, Incumbent)

Mamou Chief of Police
--Robert McGee (R)
--Allen Noel, Sr. (D)
--Charles Perdices (No Party)
--Katina Richard (D)

Mamou Alderman, District 3
--Derryl "T-Glyn" Brunet (D)
--Jodie Gautreaux (R)
--Ted Lavergne (D)
--Charles Reed (D, Incumbent)

Turkey Creek Mayor
--Bert Campbell (No Party)
--Heather Miley Cloud (R, Incumbent)

Turkey Creek Chief of Police
--Raymond DarDar (No Party)
--Robert Glen Leggett (R)
--Louis Dale Marcantel (D)

Turkey Creek Councilmen (Three to be elected)
--"Joey" Ducote (D, Incumbent)
--Kenneth Johnson (D, Incumbent)
--Billy "Neal" King, Jr. (D)
--Kurry Stewart (D)

Ville Platte Mayor
--Taranza Arvie (D)
--Jennifer Vidrine (D, Incumbent)

Ville Platte Chief of Police
--Linton Fontenot (D)
--Neal Lartigue (D, Incumbent)
--Glenn Leleux (R)

Ville Platte Alderman, District C
--Anna Frank (D)
--"Mike" Perron (D, Incumbent)

Ville Platte Alderman, District D
--Lionel "Coach" Anderson (D)
--Freddie "Rev" Jack (D, Incumbent)

Ville Platte Alderman, District E
--Jerry Bottley (D)
--Earl Edward (D)
--Donald Sam (D, Incumbent)

Ville Platte Alderman, District F
--Shounda Smith Jack (D)
--Bryant Riggs (D)
--Nathaniel "Nat" Thomas (D)

Ville Platte City Judge
--Alex "Sonny" Chapman (D)
--"Kathy" Fontenot-Meyers (D)
--Julhelene "Betsy" Jackson (D)
--Gregory Vidrine (D)




1) City of New Iberia: 10-year, 3.45 mill property tax renewal. The tax would be dedicated to maintaining and improving the city's roads, sidewalks, and alleys. The tax is expected to raise an estimated $676,000 annually between 2015 and 2024.


School Board, District 9
--Quinten Adcock (R)
--Dana Dugas (R, Incumbent)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 1
--John "Johnny" Hebert (No Party, Incumbent)
--Mark Hebert (D)

New Iberia City Judge
--Natalie Bernard Broussard (D)
--"Trey" Haik (R)
--David Lamm (No Party)
--Edward Landry (R)
--Shane Errol Romero (R)

New Iberia City Marshal
--Victor "Vic" Delcambre (D, Incumbent)
--"Mike Bomba" Lopez (Other)
--"Tony" Migues (R)



31st Judicial District Attorney
--Michael Cassidy (D, Incumbent)
--Wendell Miller (R)

Police Juror, District 11
--Edward "Coach" Cormier (D)
--James "Jim" Wright (D, Incumbent)
*This is a special election to fill seat vacated this year by Mark Pousson, who moved out of the district.

School Board, District 9
--Charles Bruchhaus (D, Incumbent)
--James "Jay" Guillory (R)

School Board, District 11
--Mark Boudreaux, Sr. (Other)
--David Troutman (R)

Constable, Ward 4
--Melward "M. J." Doucet, Sr. (D)
--Rita Y. Ramagos (R, Incumbent)
--Brian "Ping" Vanicor (D)

Elton Mayor
--"Cathy" Hollingsworth (D, Incumbent)
--Roger "Tony" Laughlin (D)

Elton Chief of Police
--"Tony" Johnson (D)
--Bruce Lemelle (D, Incumbent)
--Marcus Lemoine, Sr. (D)

Elton Councilmen (Five to be elected)
--Michael Paul Bellon (D)
--Ronnie Duhon (No Party)
--Marilynn Broussard Granger (D)
--"Tony" Guillory (No Party, Incumbent)
--Cynthia "Kay" Hebert (R)
--Shirley Lafleur Johnson (Other, Incumbent)
--Morgan Lemelle (D)
--Amanda "Mandy" Valdez (No Party)
--Latoya "Keisha" Woods (D)

Lake Arthur Mayor
--Robert "Robbie" Bertrand (D, Incumbent)
--"Red" Giles (Other)

Lake Arthur Chief of Police
--"Ray" Marcantel (Other)
--Kerry Bob Turner (No Party)
--Cheryl Vincent (D, Incumbent)

Lake Arthur Councilmen (Five to be elected)
--"Kathy" Benoit (D)
--Burnell Broussard (D)
--Vicki Broussard (Other)
--Curt Cormier (R)
--Sherry Hymel Crochet (R, Incumbent)
--Ellsworth David Duhon (D, Incumbent)
--David Hanks (D, Incumbent)
--Milton "Nonk" Labauve (D)
--Mildred "Millie" Lapoint (R)
--Ricky Monceaux (No Party)
--Robert "Bobby" Palermo (D)
--Auldon Robinson,Sr. (D)
--Clyde Schlesinger (R)
--Eric Turner (D)
--Roderick "Coach" Williams (D)




1) City of Youngsville: Rededication of the city's 1% sales tax passed in 1981. The tax would be permanently rededicated to fund funding both city's police department and fire departments. The rededication was originally approved for a two-year period in 2012. If the proposition fails, the sales tax funds would revert fully to the police department.


15th Judicial District Judge, Division E
--Mark Allen Babineaux (D)
--Michelle Meaux Breaux (D)
--Valerie Gotch Garrett (D)

15th Judicial District Judge, Division M
--"Charlie" Fitzgerald (R)
--Susan Theall (R, Incumbent)

School Board, District 1
--"Coach Don" Gagnard (No Party)
--Redell Comeaux "Mama" Miller (D)
--Mary Morrison (D)

School Board, District 2
--Tommy Angelle (D, Incumbent)
--James Chavis (D)
--Simon Mahan (No Party)

School Board, District 3
--Elroy Broussard (D)
--Shelton Cobb (D, Incumbent)

School Board, District 4
--Tehmi Chassion (D, Incumbent)
--Erica Williams (D)

School Board, District 5
--Kermit Bouillion (R, Incumbent)
--Britt Latiolais (R)

School Board, District 6
--Justin Centanni (R)
--Kathleen Schott Espinoza (No Party)

School Board, District 7
--Mark Cockerham (R, Incumbent)
--Dawn Morris (R)

School Board, District 8
--Hunter Beasley (Other, Incumbent)
--Erick Knezek (R)

School Board, District 9
--Jeremy Hidalgo (R)
--Brian West (R)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 5
--Barbara Broussard (D, Incumbent)
--Jerry "J. P." Morgan (R)

Constable, Ward 2
--Velma Duhon (D)
--Bryan Guidry (D)

Constables, Ward 6 (Two to be elected)
--Russell Comeaux (R, Incumbent)
--Patrick "Bae Bae" Dugas (D, Incumbent)
--Chad Jones (Other)
--Kirk Magnon (D)

Lafayette City Court Judge, Division A
--"Francie" Bouillion (No Party, Incumbent)
--Joseph Riley, II (R)

Lafayette City Marshal
--Joseph Cormier (D)
--Kip Judice (No Party)
--Earl "Nickey" Picard (D, Incumbent)
--Brian Pope (R)

Scott Councilman, District 1
--Preston Bernard (D)
--Tonya Carola (R)
--"Bill" Young (D, Incumbent)

Scott Councilman, District 3
--Danny Hollier (R, Incumbent)
--Jennifer Rohloff (D)
--Leah Moreau Romero (R)

Youngsville Chief of Police
--"Rickey" Boudreaux (R)
--Earl Menard (R, Incumbent)
--Gary Williams (D)

Youngsville Councilman, Division A
--Jamison "Jamey" Abshire (R)
--Paul Huval (R)
--Ryan Shinkle (L)

Youngsville Councilman, Division B
--Van Coussan (R)
--Lauren Michel (R)
--Matthew "Matt" Thomassee (L)
--Boyd Zeke Zitzmann (Other)

Youngsville Councilman, Division C
--"Matt" Romero (R)
--Cynthia "Cyndi" Smith (R)

Youngsville Councilman, Division D
--"Tim" Barbier (R, Incumbent)
--Kenneth "Ken" Stansbury (R)

Youngsville Councilman, Division E
--Dana Martin (R)
--Dianne McClelland (R, Incumbent)



27th Judicial District Attorney
--Ellis Daigle (D)
--Earl Taylor (D, Incumbent)

27th Judicial District Judge, Division B.
--Gerard Caswell (D)
--Scherri Guidry (D)

27th Judicial District Judge, Division D
--Jason Meche (D)
--Francis "Frank" Olivier, III (D)

School Board, District 1
--Armond "Rocky" Declouette (D)
--Anthony Standberry (D, Incumbent)

School Board, District 5
--Candy Gerace (D, Incumbent)
--Darlene Smith-St. Romain (D)

School Board, District 9
--Ricky Julien, Sr. (D)
--"Randy" Wagley (No Party, Incumbent)

School Board, District 10
--Hazel McCrea-Sias (D, Incumbent)
--Ceasar Veazie, Jr. (D)
--Matthew "Smiley" Washington (D)

School Board, District 12
--Donna Baltakis (D)
--Albert "Al" Hayes, Jr. (D)
--Roland Miller (R)
--Will "La Will" Stevens (D)

School Board, District 13
--Mary Ellen Donatto (D)
--Harry Fruge (D, Incumbent)

Justice of the Peace, District 4
--Katharine Dugal "Cassie" Henrich (R)
--Benjamin Trant (No Party)

Justice of the Peace, District 9
--Geneva Lemon (D, Incumbent)
--Kevin Macip (D)
--Tonya Pitcher (No Party)

Constable, District 5
--Ricky Comeaux (D, Incumbent)
--K. Blaine Nichol (R)

Constable, District 7
--Todd Guillot (R)
--Jeffery "Bodeen" Rose (D, Incumbent)

Constable, District 9
--Lance "Pookie" Firmin (D)
--Larry Moore, Sr. (D, Incumbent)
--Reginald "Wayne" Pitcher (D)

Grand Coteau Mayor
--Shaterral "Terral" Johnson (D)
--"Gail" Lark (D)
--Virginia Pierre (D, Incumbent)
--Patrick Richard (D)

Grand Coteau Chief of Police
--Willie Troy Coco (D)
--Wilton Guidry (D, Incumbent)
--John Jeff Lemelle (D)

Grand Coteau Aldermen (Five to be elected)
--Danielle Belson (D, Incumbent)
--Joseph Mack Eaglin (D)
--Janice Fox (D)
--Christopher Granger (D)
--Derrick Guidry (D)
--Cecilia Faye Lewis (D)
--Jessica Ann Marcel (D, Incumbent)
--Damian Matt (No Party)
--Brandon Miller (D)

Krotz Springs Chief of Police
--Wanda "Susie" Lacassin (D)
--Joseph "J. C." Melancon (D)
--Norman Mouille (D, Incumbent)

Krotz Springs Aldermen (Five to be elected)
--Keith Ardoin (D, Incumbent)
--William "Bill" Bryson (D, Incumbent)
--John Craig Burghdoff (No Party)
--Nyssa Evans-Godwin (D, Incumbent)
--Andre Lanclos (D, Incumbent)
--"Cindy" Stelly (D, Incumbent)
--Cheryl "Cricket" Stermer (D)

Leonville Mayor
--Joel Lanclos, Jr. (D, Incumbent)
--"Steve" Speyrer (Other)

Leonville Councilmen (Five to be elected)
--Nick Degueyter (R, Incumbent)
--Brandon Herpin (No Party)
--Benita Kennerson (D)
--Krista Speyrer (No Party)
--Kirk Stelly (R)
--Kerry Willingham (D, Incumbent)

Melville Mayor
--Veronica "Connie" Claiborne-Mickey (D)
--Willie "Butch" Haynes III (D, Incumbent)
--Erana "Rana" Mayes (D)

Melville Chief of Police
--John Mckeel (D, Incumbent)
--Anthony Moreau (D)

Melville Councilmen (Five to be elected)
--April Butler-Goudeau (D)
--Michael Clark (D)
--Laura Fontenot (D)
--Clara Moore Goudeau (D)
--Linda Haynes (D)
--Velma Hendrix (D, Incumbent)
--Chris Jackson (D)
--Caretta Robertson (D)
--Theardis Tieuel, Jr. (D)
--Tiffany Williams (No Party)

Opelousas Mayor
--Donald "Don" Cravins (D, Incumbent)
--Harvey Darbonne (D)
--Reginald "Reggie" Tatum (D)

Opelousas Chief of Police
--Perry Gallow (D, Incumbent)
--Herman "Mc" Rosette (D)
--Elton "Cowboy Preacher" Sam, Jr. (D)
--Donald "D.T." Thompson (D)

Opelousas Alderman, District A
--Julius Alsandor (D, Incumbent)
--Betty Hanchett (D)
--Lashae Sonnier (No Party)

Opelousas Alderman, District B
--Louis Butler, Jr. (D, Incumbent)
--J. "Tyrone" Glover (D)

Opelousas Alderman, District D
--Rachel Babineaux (No Party)
--Sherell Roberts (D)

Opelousas Alderman, District E
--Paul Gennuso (D)
--Jacqueline Angelle Martin (D, Incumbent)
--Melvin "Mitch" Richard (D)
--Paul Scott (D)
--Johnny "JT" Tolbert (D)

Opelousas Alderman at Large
--Joe Charles (D, Incumbent)
--John Lamke (R)
--John "Kerstan" Major (D)
--Marvin Tyrone Richard (D)
--Reginald Thompson (Other)

Opelousas City Judge
--Vanessa Harris (D, Incumbent)
--Anna Simmons (D)

Palmetto Aldermen (Three to be elected)
--Guyton Budden (No Party)
--Debra "Lynn" Coulon (No Party, Incumbent)
--Judy Dupre (D, Incumbent)
--Joseph Irving Jr. (D, Incumbent)
--Amanda Krull (No Party)

Port Barre Chief of Police
--Deon Boudreaux (No Party, Incumbent)
--Vickie Martin Keys (Other)

Port Barre Aldermen (Five to be elected)
--"Johnny" Ardoin (D)
--Nelson Barron (D)
--Kenneth "Ken" Marks (Other, Incumbent)
--Polly Pickney (D, Incumbent)
--Donald Robin (D, Incumbent)
--Paula Roberts Sharkey (Other, Incumbent)

Sunset Mayor
--Jerry Domengeaux (D)
--Charles James (D)

Sunset Chief of Police
--Russell James Jolivette (D)
--Henry Andrus Nelson (D)
--Luis "Louie" Padilla (D)
--"Chad" Primeaux (Other)
--Kevin Pugh (D)

Sunset Alderman, District 1
--Craig Belson Sr. (D)
--J. Darrell Burleigh (D, Incumbent)
--Carroll "Hook" Willingham (D)

Sunset Alderman, District 2
--Robert "R. L." Carmouche (D)
--Cheryl Monroe (D)
--Melissa Primeaux (No Party)

Sunset Alderman, District 3
--Gary Bonvillain (R)
--Jarrod Shaw (D)

Sunset Alderman, District 4
--Whitney Broussard, III (No Party)
--Melanie White (R)

Sunset Alderman at Large
--Cecil LaVergne (D)
--Bernice Richard Smith (D, Incumbent)

Washington Mayor
--Krandall Pijue (D)
--Joseph "Joe" Pitre (D, Incumbent)
--Melissa Stears (D)

Washington Councilman, District 2
--Wilson Doomes, Jr. (D)
--Rogers "Rock" Malveaux (D, Incumbent)

Washington Councilman, District 3
--Laura Budden Allegood (R, Incumbent)
--William McBride (L)



School Board, District 2
--Wanda Babin (Other, Incumbent)
--Raymond Lee (D)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 5
--"Don" LeGrand (Other, Incumbent)
--Angela Cliburn Taylor (R)

Constable, Ward 2
--Harold "Cat" Pickney (D)
--Leander "Cush" Williams (D, Incumbent)

Constable, Ward 3
--David Dugas (Other, Incumbent)
--Blake Oubre (R)

Constable, Ward 6
--Wendie Hotard (D)
--Carol Martin (D, Incumbent)

Breaux Bridge Mayor
--Ricky Calais (R)
--Jill Hebert (Other)
--George Williams (D)

Breaux Bridge Chief of Police
--"Rollie" Cantu (R)
--"P.J." Hebert (R, Incumbent)

Breaux Bridge Alderman, District A
--Gereline "Geri" Frederick (D)
--Brenda Castille Hobbs (R)

Breaux Bridge Alderman, District B
--Howard "Doc" Alexander (D, Incumbent)
--Michael "T-Mike" Breaux (D)

Henderson Councilman at Large
--William "Bill" LeGrand (Other)
--Gillray Patin (R, Incumbent)

Parks Mayor
--John Dugas (D, Incumbent)
--Kevin Kately (D)

Parks Aldermen (Three to be elected)
--"Yvonne" Narcisse (D)
--Eva Craven Potier (D, Incumbent)
--Rose Nedie Potier (D, Incumbent)
--Harold "Kellogg" Robertson (Other, Incumbent)




1) Parishwide: Amends the home-rule charter to set a two-and-a-half term limit for parish councilmen. Councilmen who serve at least two-and-a-half terms during the span of three consecutive terms would have to sit out a term before running again for a council seat. The amendment would take effect after the 2015 council election.

2) Parishwide: Amends the home-rule charter provision for council members' pay. Councilmen representing a specific district would be paid $750 monthly, while the at-large councilman would be paid $1,100 monthly. The amendment would take effect after the 2015 council election.

3) Parishwide: Amends the home-rule charter to set a two-and-half term limit for the parish president. If the parish president serves at least two-and-a-half terms during the span of three consecutive terms, he/she would have to sit out a term before running again for the parish presidency. The amendment would take effect after the 2015 parish presidential election.

4) Parishwide: Amends the home-rule charter provision for the parish president's pay. The parish president's annual salary would be set at $36,000. The amendment would take effect after the 2015 parish presidential election.


School Board, District 9
--William "Bill" McCarty (No Party, Incumbent)
--"Jeff" Trim (No Party)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 2
--Norma Jean Bouey (No Party)
--Ray Manuel (No Party, Incumbent)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 5.
--Lee Condolle (D)
--David Hill (R)
--Mamie Soudelier Perry (No Party)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 7
--Nekesia Bowie (D, Incumbent)
--Virginia Sutton (D)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 8
--Shawn Canty (No Party)
--Herbert Mashburn (R)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 10
--Monica Morrison Gibson (D)
--Cardell Bowser Ina (D)
--Keith Lewis (No Party)

Constable, Ward 4
--David Comeaux (D, Incumbent)
--Larry "Teddy" Deslatte, III (No Party)

Constable, Ward 5
--Bronson Blanchard (D)
--James Carinhas (D, Incumbent)
--"Doug" Perry (R)

Constable, Ward 9
--John S. Arceneaux (No Party, Incumbent)
--"Joey" Foret (D)

Constable, Ward 10
--Elease Jackson (D)
--Travis Williams (D)

Patterson Mayor
--Bealizeia "Billy" Badeaux (No Party)
--Rodney Grogan (D, Incumbent)

Patterson Chief of Police
--Patrick LaSalle (D, Incumbent)
--"Pam" Washington (D)

Patterson Councilmen (Five to be elected)
--Travis "T. D." Darnell (D)
--Sandra Marshall (R)
--L. L. "Larry" Mendoza, Jr. (D, Incumbent)
--William "Billy" Picou, Jr. (R)
--John Rentrop (D, Incumbent)
--"Joe" Russo, III (D, Incumbent)
--Sandra Turner (D, Incumbent)

Baldwin Mayor
--Benny Druilhet (D)
--Michael "Mike" Lancelin (D)
--Donna Lewis Lanceslin (D)

Baldwin Chief of Police
--Sharandae Brannon (D)
--Daven Colar (D)
--Ronnie Fuselier (D)
--David Robertson (D)
--Harry "Boo Boo" Smith, Jr. (D)
--Albert "Al" Thibodaux (D)

Baldwin Aldermen (Five to be elected)
--Herbert "H.B." Bell (D)
--Carolyn Bowser (D)
--Margaret "Faye" Coleman (D, Incumbent)
--F. "Thor" Frederick (D, Incumbent)
--Donald Grimm (D)
--Robert Robicheaux, Jr. (No Party)
--H. Gene St. Germain (D, Incumbent)
--Clarence Vappie (D, Incumbent)

Berwick Mayor
--Jessie Boudreaux (No Party)
--Louis Ratcliff (No Party, Incumbent)

Berwick Councilmen (Five to be elected)
--"Jacki" Ackel (R)
--Duval Arthur, Jr. (D, Incumbent)
--Troy Lombardo (No Party, Incumbent)
--Randal Monceaux (R)
--Damon Robison (No Party, Incumbent)
--"Greg" Roussel (R, Incumbent)


Vermilion Parish:


1) City of Kaplan: 15-year, $1 million bond item to pave, resurface, and improve city streets. Interest rates on the bonds shall not exceed 7% annually.


School Board, District A
--"Skip" Gardiner (D, Incumbent)
--Luddy Herpin (D)

School Board, District C
--Dexter Callahan (D, Incumbent)
--Laura Hebert LeBeouf (Other)

School Board, District G
--Sara Bourgeois Duplechain (No Party)
--Carroll "Bubba" LeBlanc (D, Incumbent)

Justice of the Peace, Ward 4
--Bobby Duhon (D)
--William Keaty, II (R)

Constables, Ward 1 (Two to be elected)
--Cory Benoit (No Party)
--Randy Granger (D, Incumbent)
--Paul Poché (No Party, Incumbent)

Constable, Ward 6
--James "Jad" Deshotels (D)
--Jake Hebert (D)
--B. J. "Bub" Lege (D, Incumbent)
--Austin Romero (No Party)

Constable, Ward 7
--Antoine Barras, Jr. (D)
--"Mike" Brewer, II (D)

Kaplan City Judge
--Stanton Hardee (R)
--Frank LeMoine, Sr. (D, Incumbent)

Kaplan City Marshal
--Brodney Mouton, Sr. (D)
--Ruby Thibeaux (D, Incumbent)

Erath Mayor
--"Billy" Cormier (D)
--John Earl LeBlanc (D, Incumbent)

Erath Chief of Police
--Gerald Hebert (D, Incumbent)
--John "Dob" Toups (R)

Erath Aldermen (Five to be elected)
--Robert "T-Bob" Domingues (D, Incumbent)
--Clarence Fusilier (D)
--"Chris" Hebert (D, Incumbent)
--"Timmy" Landry (D)
--Donald Menard (D, Incumbent)
--Guy Nerren (D)
--"Tony" Richard (Other, Incumbent)
--Robert Vincent (D)

Gueydan Mayor
--David Dupuis (D, Incumbent)
--Chris Theriot (D)
--Charlotte Venable-Hartwell (D)

Maurice Chief of Police
--Brian Baumgardner (R)
--Warren Rost (D, Incumbent)

Maurice Aldermen (Three to be elected)
--Travis Bodin (R)
--Lynn Howell (D)
--Phyllis Catalon Johnson (R, Incumbent)
--Kenneth "Keno" Picard (Other)


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