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Jul 20, 2011 6:41 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Eight-year-old author writes second book

Eight-year-old Loren Bellow doesn't care about the color of someone's skin, where they come from, or if they have any disabilities, she just loves meeting people.

"Because you get to learn new things!" said Loren.

"It doesn't matter who they are she just wants everyone to have fun," said Loren's mom Toren Bellow.

Loren writes about her life and the people in it in her book "Meet Loren" which came out last year. She just finished writing her second book "Meet Loren's Special Friend Michelle".
"Shells," as Loren likes to call her, is her best friend and she wanted to let everyone know how special she is.

"We love each other and we don't see a difference in color or nothing," Loren said.

"All they see is friendship and unconditional love," said Toren.

Michelle has a missing palate and has trouble speaking. She also has asthma and a learning disability, but none of that matters to Loren.

"She always hugs me every time she sees me like she never saw me before," she said.

Loren writes about the things her and Michelle like to do, like going to the water park, playing games, and taking pictures. At the end of her book is a letter she wrote to Michelle... saying she's thankful for her friendship and loves her very much.

"When my other friends don't like to be with me all the time she always stays with me," she said.

"Meet Loren's Special Friend" hits the shelves next month.




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