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Jul 29, 2011 10:51 PM by Maddie Garrett

Edwin Edwards Ties the Knot for a Third Time

Less than a month after former Governor Edwin Edwards was released from house arrest following his incarceration in prison, he's once again a married man. Louisiana's longest serving governor tied the knot Friday morning with fiance Trina Grimes Scott. This is Edwards' third marriage, and the 32-year-old bride is over 50 years is junior. But as Edwards told reporters Friday, it was all for true love.

The newlyweds were all smiles Friday, as friends, family and even strangers congratulated the two as they walked through the streets of the French Quarter.

"It's a great event, something we've looked forward to for over a year and it finally happened and I'm almost beginning to realize that it did," said Edwards.

The ceremony was small, with a little over a dozen family members attending. Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Kitty Kimball officiated inside Hotel Monteleone.

"Everything about it was special, it was a great day, very excited," said Grimes Scott after the ceremony.

To many the romance seemed unusual, after all they did meet while Edwards was serving time in Federal prison. But what started out as letter-writing quickly grew into something more.

"For one solid year, every Saturday and every Sunday, on Christmas day on Thanksgiving day on New Years day, every time we had a visitors day she showed up at eight o'clock in the morning and stayed till three and I'll never forget that," Edwards said. "I'll never forget that, that really meant something to me."

Edwards admitted he didn't have much to offer Grimes Scott when they first started out, but he's glad she saw something in him.

"I think it's just because he was such a positive person and so sweet all the time, he's really an amazing person," said Grimes Scott.

And the celebrations will carry on into Saturday, when Edwards will attend a party for his 84th birthday at the Hotel Monteleone. Over 600 people are expected to attend, and KATC will be there to catch all the action.


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