Sep 19, 2011 11:20 PM by Shawn Kline

Edwin Edwards' take on state dems

When asked what the Democratic Party needs to do to regain the state, former Governor Edwin Edwards joked, "change the name."

It's been a long eight-years for Governor Edwards, now out of jail after being convicted of federal corruption charges.
It's also been a long year for his Democratic Party; losing control of both sides of the capitol and the trend may continue.

Edwards however, believes democrats can rebound.

"I'm glad I can't run," Edwards said. "Because if I could run, I would run and win. And if I did, I'd have all these problems."

Problems like the state budget deficit. Last year, the state ran a $6-billion tab.
So what does he suggest? Edwards says it's time to the roll the dice!

"Gambling creates about $600-million in tax revenue for the state and over 50-thousand jobs and brings a number of tourists to the state," Edwards said of the casino industry.

His suggestions may go unheard.

Edwards is now a consultant for democratic leaders, but they're losing ground- and fast.

A look at this year's races for example: 60 races have just one candidate. Of those 60 candidates, only 17 are democrats.

That's 43 seats in Baton Rouge all but locked-up by republicans but Edwards says politics in Louisiana is a "swinging pendulum" and "no one party can stay victorious for long."



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