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Jun 27, 2011 7:22 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Edwin Edwards--New Reality TV star?


Edwin Edwards is weeks away from being a free man. He is expected to complete his federal prison sentence on July 6. He's spent the last several months under home incarceration since his release from federal prison in January.

He's already making big plans for the future.
According to Edwards Facebook Page,he's talking with producers about starring in a TV show with fiance Trina Grimes Scott. Edward's Biographer, Leo Honeycutt, said Scott actually manages Edward's page, but he tells her what to write.

Many residents tell KATC they would be interested in watching a show about the former governor.

Kyle LeBeouf, said "he's so charismatic. I think he would makes for good TV."

Edward's first post said, "I am negotiating with a producer who is interested in doing a reality show dealing with my current personal life. Trina Grimes Scott and I are very excited about this opportunity and wanted you all to hear it here first! No further details at this time, but I will say that it is in the developmental stages!"

So far, he has hundreds of encouraging comments on his page. He posted something else on Monday afternoon..

It said "Trina Scott Grimes and I are excited to be working with producer Shawn Shanghani and SSS entertainment on a possible upcoming television project."

Crowley Resident, Debbie Henry, said he's so interesting that a lot of people would watch.
Henry Heiss added, "I don't think it will be big nation-wide but it'll be a big here in Louisiana."
There's been no confirmation from SSS Entertainment yet.

Honeycutt said this is the second time Edward's has been approached to do a reality show, and he will only go though with it if the content is good.


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