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Jan 14, 2011 11:47 PM by Shawn Kline

Edwards hired as "consultant"

Louisiana Democratic Party leader Buddy Leach will employ former governor, Edwin Edwards throughout his probation.
Leach says Edwards will be a personal consultant; the governor's experience with the oil and gas industry will help him utilize alternative fuel sources.
"We got along well," Leach said, reflecting on the past. "It was all business."
A federal judge has mandated that Edwards works during his probation; a working relationship Leach extended to Edwards when he was released from jail on Thursday.
"It's only for 6 months," Leach said. "I told him I'd be happy for him to be my employee."
The governor's new job will focus on alternative energy sources.
"We talked about various projects that I would like to sit down and have longer discussions about," Leach said. "Most of it pertains to energy."
But why Edwards? Leach says it all has to do with the Louisiana mineral code.
"(Through) his reading and his visiting, he's up to date on every part of Louisiana."
Leach says the former governor will start working his new job on Tuesday in Baton Rouge.

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