Mar 19, 2013 7:38 PM by Alex Labat

Education Cuts Cause Concern

"Physically...I can't take it anymore", says Abby Breaux.
State Representative Vincent Pierre (D-Lafayette) is hoping to slow the exodus of teachers like veteran teacher Abby Breaux, who's taught for 25 years but is not returning next year.
Pierre says, "we cannot continue to sustain the cuts we already have. We have teachers that have to provide pencils and papers for our children, and that's an unfortunate situation".
As the state faces a close to 70 billion dollar deficit, Pierre's fellow lawmakers say they don't want to cut education...but say they don't have many options.
Representative Simone Champagne (R-Erath) thinks the legislature needs to take a look at what's being cut, saying, "I know we as legislators as well as the administration are going to have to reset priorities."
"The legislators hands are really tied and it's a difficult position to be in, but you're limited as to where you can make those cuts", says Representative Joel Robideaux (R-Lafayette).
Many teachers feel the state's evaluation doesn't adequately judge their performance, another reason they're leaving the classroom. Many complain about the unnecessary paperwork taking up time that could be used for teaching.
"It breeds contempt, that's why it hasn't been done in other states", says Jennifer Guillory, a teacher of 25 years.
Linda Rhodes, another teacher of 25 years, says, "You know all the paperwork all the "do you have this objective on the wall, did you word this correctly"...the kids don't even look at that."


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