Apr 17, 2012 11:05 PM by Shawn Kline

Durel/Redflex to begin new contract negotiations

Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel gets the "green light" to start re-negotiating a contract with Redflex, but does that really mean a new beginning for SafeLight-SafeSpeed?

"We need the lights," Jeffrey David said. "people are speeding through the red lights, and they could've caused an accident."

David wants the cameras to stay for good. His wish is now one step closer. Council voted unanimously to allow Parish President Joey Durel to begin re-negotiating a new contract with SafeLight-SafeSpeed provider, Redflex.

"It doesn't guarantee a contract will be signed or council will approve it." Parish President Durel says, "but at least we have some sense that council is in favor of looking at the contract."

Negotiating a new contract with SafeLight-SafeSpeed might just be a moot point.
Some councilmembers have talked openly about getting rid of the program or, at least, some aspects of it.

"I would like to see... the program go away," Councilman William Theriot said.

The ordinance allowing Redflex to exist will come up for a vote in May. Theriot is one councilmember looking for changes and if things go his way next month, Redflex could be scrapped.

On the other hand, if Durel and Redflex work out a new contract council still has the final decision.

"This ordinance as a whole still has to come back to council with approval," Theriot said.

One thing is for certain: big or small, there will be some changes.



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