Jul 19, 2010 6:35 PM by Kate Mundy

Drilling Support Sign Greets Henderson Drivers

A Henderson business owner is taking his support for offshore drilling to the street, literally. Eric Myers has a simple message for motorists who drive Grand Point Highway and that message is reaching thousands. It reads: "If you don't support offshore drilling keep driving."
Myers makes his living in the oil industry. "I just wanted to put something to say basically we don't agree with it," said Myers.

He's both the owner of a Chevron station and a deepwater superintendent on the Ocean Intervention 3. He uses ROVs at the well site.

Myers has been at the site since the first hours of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, helping first with search and rescue, then capping the well. "I love being a part of fixing that," he said.

His ship has been in the center of it all for three months. "It's like a city out there, you can count 50 ships at any given time out there," said Myers.

The work at the well site is something in their control, but his frustrations are mounting with the one thing that's out of their control, the moratorium.

But drilling he says is necessary, to avoid economic collapse. "As much as people don't like it, you need it, otherwise you're talking about total economic collapse of the U.S. And probably the whole world," he said.

According to Save US Energy Jobs, since the moratorium went into effect 8-thousand jobs have been lost in the gulf coast region with 700-million dollars in lost wages.


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