Jan 12, 2011 9:56 AM by Nichole Larkey

Dorian the Dietitian: January visit

Dorian the Dietitian comes on GMA the 2nd Wednesday of each month. This visit Dorian talked about Trim Kids starting their new session on January 17th.

Here are some rules for eating from Dorian:
1. Chew more - fifteen to thirty times per bite
2. Eat slowly. Taste your food and enjoy each bite
3. Take smaller bites
4. No seconds, except for vegetables
5. Leave some of each type of food on your plate!!
6. Take smaller portions
7. Leave the serving bowls in the kitchen
8. Use smaller plates
9. Try to put your fork down after every bite
10. Eat at least 3 bites of every food
11. Drink a large glass of water 15 minutes before each meal.

Dorian Driscoll, MS, LDN, RD is a registered & Licensed Dietitian. Dorian is one of only two dozen recipients of the Certificate of Training in Adolescent Childhood Weight Management in Louisiana, November,
2007, by the Commission on Dietetic Registration -Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management, Dorian
has devoted her life to the field of Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Counseling, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition and
the Trim Kids program. Using the latest computerized program for recording patient information, Dorian assures
accuracy in her treatment plan.

Contact Dorian the Dietitian at 337-654-9528



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