Jan 18, 2010 9:01 PM by Sarah Rosario

Donations for Haiti, Doctors Say Giving Makes You Happy

It's been almost a week since a deadly earthquake struck Haiti. Since then, communities are coming together and are giving in record numbers. Despite our nation's present economic status one doctor says we as a community are doing what's best for us.

Psychologist Donna Aucoin says when tragedy happens, everyone in some way is affected. "They often experience compassion fatigue, they feel like there's this sense of despair and they can relate to these people who have families," said Aucoin.

In response to the crisis in Haiti, The Family Church of Lafayette has established a drop off center for emergency supplies. Donators are bringing everything from rubbing alcohol to diapers. With all this giving, Aucoin says those people could actually be improving their health. "When you are reaching out and helping others you are experiencing positive emotion and some times the removal of negative emotions."

Monday, most of the people donating agreed. Their reasons for giving varied, but they all say doing so makes them happier. "Each child is going to get something. I'm hoping and praying that even if it's just a teddy bear for them to hug, it might mean more to them than anything," said Haiti Donator Kelly Mouton.

For more information on how to give to Haiti visit The Family Church online.

Sarah Rosario



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