Jan 2, 2013 3:26 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Dog stolen from hunters passing through town

"He's a great dog, been my companion for 10 years."

Jaime Arthur just wants his dog Boz back.

"He loves people, he doesn't bark, he's a complete failure as a watch dog which is probably why it was so easy to put him in the truck."

After spending the night at the Baymont Inn on Evangeline Thruway Jaime and his dad, Davis, woke up new years day to find the 10-year-old black lab missing from their truck's locked, mounted dog box.

"I thought somebody had just left it open. I went to close it and the door wouldn't close because they had busted the latch to break the lock."

"Shocked, crushed that somebody would have the gall to come over here and take my dog that i've raised since he was a puppy."

Surveillance video from a neighboring business shows a man walking back to his truck with clothes taken from the Arthur's truck. The business would not share the video with us, but the Arthur's did view it with police.

"It shows him taking the clothes and putting them in his truck and then it's ten minutes before he leaves."

The Arthur's say they don't care about prosecuting the person who stole Boz. They just want him returned safely.

"Bring the dog back, take him to a local shelter, we don't really care about anything else."

"Boz deserves to be in his last years with me."

The Arthur's describe the man in the video as white, in his mid-thrities, about 6 foot two, slim build and a dark mustache.

The truck is described as a pewter gold colored Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra with Louisiana plates.

The Arthur's have notified local shelters to be on the lookout for Boz. He does have one distinguishing characteristic. He only has three toes on his back, right paw.



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