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Apr 21, 2014 11:06 PM by Kari Beal

Dog shot and killed in Lafayette family's yard

Tonight Lafayette police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a family's dog. The Shizu was shot four times. The family said it all happened last weekend, late Saturday or early Sunday. The dog was found dead in the family's front yard on Valsin Drive.

At 10 pounds and 12 inches the dog, named Oliver, has been a part of the family for eight years.

"I can remember the day my little daughter walked up the driveway with him. She was just cradling him in her arms, just like it was yesterday," said the father, Andy, who asked his last name not be released.

The father said when they went to bed Saturday night Oliver was just fine. The next morning their son went to play with the dog, but when he threw a ball at Oliver, he didn't move.

"He came screaming and running in the house saying that Oliver was dead," Andy said.

The dog was shot four times in the head and shoulder.

"Based on what we found we believe it was a small weapon, such as a 22 pistol," Cpl. Paul Mouton, with the Lafayette Police Department said.

The Lafayette Police have no confirmation on who did it or why. But Andy said as a father of three children, the fact that someone walked on his property with a weapon scared him the most.

"There was somebody walking around here with a gun and it could be a kid next time," Andy said.

A reward fund has been set up for the dog. To donate click here.

Anyone with tip on this incident call Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 232-8477 or Lafayette Police.



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