Mar 27, 2011 12:37 AM by Chris Welty

Dog Races Fundraiser

The first ever Weiner Dog Races were held Saturday in Abbeville. KATC'S Chris Welty was there for the unique fundraiser benefiting Animal Aid and the Greater Abbeville-Vermilion Chamber of Commerce.

"I've never seen dog races of any sort and I thought the kids would enjoy it."

They've got long bodies, and short stumpy legs, so they make perfect competition for one another. These four legged friends competed in the first annual weiner dog races. Crystal Mouton, Weiner Dog Races Co-Chair says they wanted this to be a different type of fundraiser. "We were looking for something family fun oriented that we could have the entire family including your animals out."

While spectators were enjoying the races, they were also enjoying hot dogs. Renee Clark, self-proclaimed "Weenie Woman" says she's also never seen anything like this. "A friend of mine said oh yeah that's a really big deal."

The self-called "Weenie Experts" are relators in Dallas, but they spend their weekends traveling the region to set up their cart. "We had actually talked about going to Nachitoches for the Festival of Lights and when we were talking to them they said "oh my gosh there is a weenie dog race going on so you need to take your cart there."

Owners of Wieners Make You Smile Hot Dog Stand brought more than 1100 hot dogs with them, and pet owners that we spoke with say they find comfort in knowing their lengthy friend will never make it on the grill.

"They are all still moving around out there...they're fine...they're all fine right now." "Just adds to the fun. we thought it would fit really well, so we had our shirts made up for the weenie dog festival."

Though many pet owners enjoyed their hot dogs, some believe that there should have been a menu change. "I think they should have served hamburgers."



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