Mar 6, 2013 7:24 PM by Alex Labat

Director of Crowley Animal Shelter Resigns

Jehnna Leleux wasn't even the head of Crowley's Animal Control Shelter for a year before stepping down.

Leleux says, "Someone spray-painted murder on the side of this [house]...we actually had to take the paint off."

Leleux doesn't know who spray-painted her house. Callers have threatened her and her family calling her a "dog killer" and saying she should be murdered, too. She received similar threats on Facebook.

"They found my house once, it'll happen again", says Leleux.

Leleux says she's having to pack up and move her and her small children, due to the fear of more harassment.

"I've got children I have to look after, and this isn't right for them to come home and see they're mother upset like this over something that isn't even true," says Leleux.

Crowley Mayor Greg Jones says Leleux was a good employee and the threats that are forcing her to step down are unfounded and uncalled for.

"She cared about the animals and overall she did a very good job according to the reports we've gotten from LSU and the state", says Jones.

One day she wants to work with animals again. Her military police dog Beast served with her overseas and was shot protecting her.

Leleux says, "Beast is 8-years-old, he was a military canine...and he is my best friend. Ever."




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