Oct 14, 2011 10:56 PM by Shawn Kline

Developers, homeowners split on Sunbeam Waste proposal

Angry homeowners say they will do all they can to fight a proposed waste facility from setting up shop in their North Lafayette neighborhood.
Councilman Brandon Shelvin is introducing an ordinance to prevent the completion of the waste facility at Tuesday's City-Parish Council meeting.

"The intent of the ordinance I proposed was to essentially stop this facility from being built," Shelvin said.

The ordinance would revoke all permits for any waste transfer facility in Lafayette- including the one on Sunbeam Lane, already under construction.

"I think this is going to be a very top-notch facility for Lafayette," Developer, Kevin Ayers said.

For every argument "for" the waste transfer facility, homeowners have an argument against it.

"There's a lot of land in the parish in different areas where this facility can be built." Leroy Barrington says, "but not right in the middle of a neighborhood."

Barrington and neighbor, Stoney Hebert built their respective homes down the street from a power plant and a railroad depot. Now, a waste transfer station is moving-in.

Kevin Ayers says the mulit-million-dollar facility should have little impact on neighboring homes in comparison to those other industrial facilities.

"They're going to see a very nice facility that will be kept very clean and overall a very nice facility for that community," Ayers said.

Residents however, aren't buying into it. Despite other industries surrounding Sunbeam Lane, they say a waste facility goes too far.

"You ain't going to be able to stop every truck going into that facility from leaking," Hebert said of the transfer trucks. "You're going to have to have beau coup (to prevent that)."

"We love our neighborhoods, our neighbors and we respect each other." Barrington says, "but we're not a dumping for any old piece of crap that wants to come into this city."

If the proposed ordinance passes on Tuesday, it's going to set the stage for a legal battle over whether or not this project is allowed to proceed under a Grandfather Clause.



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