Dec 27, 2012 11:36 PM by Steven Albritton

Designated Driver Business Hopes To Curb Drunk Driving

As the holiday season continues, the partying continues right along with it. And with that partying comes impaired drivers on the road. The price of being pulled over for operating while intoxicated could cost you thousands of dollars.

"There's so many fines, an increase of your insurance, missing work in order to appear in court and getting attorney's fees to represent you," Corporal Paul Mouton of the Lafayette Police Department said.

According to Mouton, in 2011 more than 1,400 drivers were arrested for impaired driving and the number will again top 1,000 in 2012. Some of those arrests have occurred after fatal accidents. 22-year old Rachel Sonnier was killed just before Thanksgiving after Fred Dutton Jr. ran a red light. He was arrested for OWI and vehicular homicide.

"They're just too many options out there in order for someone to get behind the wheel and be impaired," Mouton said.

One of those options is new to Lafayette. Besides calling a cab or a towing company to take your car home, Designated Drivers of Lafayette will get both you and your car home for only $45.

"What we do is provide the driver, the driver gets into their driver seat, the customer gets into their passenger seat home and everybody's given us good feedback from it," Co-owner Taylor Noel said.

Right now, they have about five customers each weekend. When people hear about how their business works, Noel and business partner Joshua Thibeaux say they get their full attention because of how unique their business is. They've even had police officers tell people who have been drinking to consider handing over the keys to their business.

"People don't realize how dangerous it is to drink and drive, even if you're not that drunk. Still, one slip and you could hurt yourself or somebody else," Co-owner Joshua Thibeaux said



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