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Sep 14, 2012 6:46 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Dead grass covering football field

Dead grass is covering the football field at the Donald Gardner Stadium in Opelousas, making it a bit of an eye-sore. At least one school is playing their game tonight elsewhere.

Just before football season started, Parks and Recreation Director Clarence Watson hired a contractor to get rid of what he called "wild weeds" on the field. The contractor sprayed the field. The weeds were gone, but in their place, brown, dead grass.

"He forgot to rinse the last chemical he used. We're not going to crucify him, but we want him to clean up," said Watson.

Watson says the contractor is back to work and is fixing the problem. Some patches of the green grass that usually covers the field is popping up, but it could take some time before the problem is entirely fixed.

"We do want to get this field back in playing condition," said Watson.

For spectators in the stands, the field is a bit of an eye-sore. But Watson says the field is safe to play on and it shouldn't affect player performance.

Opelousas Catholic Principal Perry Fontenot isn't taking any chances. The Vikings usually play homes games at the stadium, but for tonight's game against St. John, the team will play at Beau Chene's football field.

"With the condition we saw, we felt it would be unsafe for our children and our football players," said Fontenot.

Opelousas Catholic has an away game next week. Fontenot hopes the field will be ready by then.

"When we do come back it'll be our homecoming game and we need to play on our home field," he added.

Fixing the dead grass isn't the only improvement the field will see. Parks and Recreation will bring in a company to fix the uneven field. The west side of the field is about eight inches higher than the east side. They also plan to bring in sand to fill ruts in the field, but these improvements won't happen until after football season.



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