Feb 28, 2012 7:23 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Crowley Woman Dies Eight Months After Being Shot by an Ex Boyfriend

A Crowley woman dies eight months after it looked like she beat the odds.
Eighteen year old Chyna Young died last week. She was paralyzed after her ex-boyfriend shot her several times in June 2011.

Chyna gave birth to a baby girl, Jada Young, six months ago.

Chyna's friend, Brittany Bailey, said "its definitely a miracle to have Jada here, we see Chyna in her."

Chyna was a happy teenager. She was always smiling and spending time with her best friends Brittany and Bianca Anderson. The three had big plans after graduating from Crowley High.

Bianca Anderson said, "we were all going to go to Mcneese. We all went to look at apartments; we were all supposed to be roommates."

Those plans changed in a matter of seconds one month after graduating in June. Chyna's ex boyfriend Patrick Guillory showed up at her door step, even though her mother had filed a restraining order, on Chyna's behalf, against him.

"She was trying to run away and he shot her from the back 4 times," Anderson said. " A restraining order-a piece of paper won't keep someone from killing you."

Chyna was three months pregnant. She survived and so did her baby, but she was left paralyzed. Chyna was transferred to a Houston hospital where she was in rehab and gave birth to Jada three months prematurely.

Brittany said, "she was happy she was still here and able to take care of her. She was happy she made it through it all."

Anderson added, "she never had doubts about not making it. She smiled through everything ."

After building strength, Chyna was transferred to a nursing home near Crowley. Loved ones were hopeful about her recovery, but only a month after being there, Chyna caught pneumonia. It's something people with spinal injuries are prone to.

"It was hard to see her like that," Anderson said. "You can tell when someone is sick. She was nervous, so I stayed up with her all night and talked to her."

She died three days after that visit. Her friends and family said they'll always hold onto Jada, who Chyna called her miracle baby.

Chyna's funeral services will be held March 3 starting at 8 am for visitation and the funeral will be at 11 at the Israelite Baptist Church in Crowley.



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