Mar 31, 2014 7:38 PM by Dave Fields

Crowley Police Internal Review: No policy violations in dog shooting

The internal review of a shooting three weeks ago by a Crowley Police officer of a homeowner's dog revealed no wrongdoing on part of the department.

"The officer, who is a K-9 officer, stated that the dog was aggressive towards either him or his K-9. He didn't want to shoot the dog, but put human life first. The review determined that there were no policy violations involved in this incident. It was an unfortunate incident and we're glad to know that Max is doing well," said Chief K.P. Gibson.

The March 6 shooting of the 3-year-old chocolate labrador retriever occurred in the 100 block of Blue Bonnet Drive. Shortly following the incident, the homeowner said she called police after hearing what she thought sounded like glass breaking in another room. She said she locked herself in the bedroom, told police she thought a burglar was in the home, and warned them about her dog who would be outside.

One of the homeowners said she had advised police that Max would not bite and was friendly. She was still on the phone with the dispatcher when she heard a gunshot. The dispatcher told her it was safe to go meet police, and that's when she says she saw that her dog was bleeding.

Chief Gibson said that investigators met with the homeowners, who "understand that the officer was trying to defend life as the call was a burglary in progress as called in by the homeowner." Gibson said that the homeowners "did express that they wished it could have been handled by a less lethal means."

The officer had reported that the dog had been aggressive, and he had been shot as a result. Previous reports also had indiated that he homeowner said the officer told her that Max had attacked him, a story that differed from what the homeowner said she had heard from her neighbor. The neighbor allegedly had said Max did bark, but he had not lunged at the officer.

According to earlier reports, Max had been shot behind his ear, with the bullet traveling through his neck. The initial reports had revealed no evidence of a burglary, no sign of any forced entry to the house, and only a barbecue pit that had been moved.



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