Dec 30, 2009 9:57 AM by Crowley Police Department Media Release

Crowley: Arrests made from December 7, 2009 to December 27, 2009

The following information is a release for the media regarding information distributed by the Crowley Police Department. If you have questions regarding this information, please contact Chief K.P. Gibson.

Crowley Police report recent arrest from December 7, 2009 to December 27, 2009:

Blakely John Crowley 21 Criminal Mischief

Anthony Sarver Crowley 45 Principal to Theft

Roxanne Pastor Crowley 45 Felony Theft

Collins LaFosse Iota 48 Possession of Crack
Poss. Of Drug Paraphernalia
Obstruction of Justice
Poss. Of Schedule IV Narcotics

Quincy Cormier Crowley 21 Outstanding Warrant

Cheryl Guidry Crowley 51 Outstanding Warrants

Julia Roy Crowley 22 Disturbing the Peace / Fighting

Tammy Benoit Crowley 37 Disturbing the Peace / Fighting

Jarvis Harmon Crowley 34 Simple Battery

Shane Prudhomme Eunice 35 Theft by Shoplifting

Chad Thibodeaux Crowley 31 Poss. Of Schedule I Narcotics
Resisting Arrest
Outstanding Warrant

Derrick Lafleur Crowley 22 DUI

Lindsay Willis Midland 23 Criminal Trespassing

Trinda Kellie Jones Crowley 22 Criminal Trespassing
CDS in a Drug Free Zone
Poss. Of Drug Paraphernalia

Charmaine Richard Crowley 52 Outstanding Warrant

Ryan Snow Crowley 20 Theft

Malcolm Thomas Crowley 22 Outstanding Warrant

Romona Broussard Crowley 47 DUI, Traffic Violations

Murphy Reed Crowley 28 Outstanding Warrant

Jerry L. Hayes Crowley 24 1st Degree Robbery
Felony Theft

Eric Clement Crowley 24 Theft by Shoplifting

Mitchell Smith Crowley 41 Theft by Shoplifting
Aggravated Assault
Outstanding Warrant

Lester Reed Crowley 28 Outstanding Warrant

Martha Chamizo Crowley 45 Simple Battery
Outstanding Warrant

Ernel Gobert Crowley 40 Theft by Shoplifting

Marcus Penn II Crowley 26 Possession of Marijuana
Illegal Carrying of a Firearm
Monies Derived from Drug Proceeds

Donovan Broussard Morse 39 Criminal Trespassing

Robert Sensat Rayne 46 Simple Battery

Derrick Credeur Morse 29 Domestic Abuse Battery

Darrell Bertrand Crowley 61 DUI, Traffic Violations

Lauren Suire Crowley 21 Outstanding Warrant

George Doucet Crowley 39 Domestic Abuse Battery

Dwayne Duhon Crowley 48 PWITD Schedule I Narcotics
PWITD Schedule II Narcotics
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Donnie Lasalle Crowley 31 Outstanding Warrant

Timothy Menard Crowley 19 Domestic Abuse Battery

Cory Bastian Rayne 22 Theft



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