Jan 29, 2013 2:19 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Crouch Foundation partners with Picard Center for Survivor of Suicide Support Group

During the grieving process, having someone to talk to can make all the difference.

"A group setting provides support for the members and that's intergral for their recovery," says UL Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Dr. Latifey LaFleur.

"I wanna have someone in my life that understands what I'm going through and they get that from this group." says Crouch Foundation Executive Director Lori Bienvenu.

Bienvenu says people dealing with suicide face a unique set of challenges.

"People that lose someone to suicide often have a lot of questions about why the person chose to take their own life. A lot of times there's guilt involved."

Bienvenu says often times clients come to them merely surviving. She says the purpose of these support groups is to help them thrive.

"They're not just going through their daily routine and struggling to accept their new position in life, but they're where they're actually embracing it and have overcome those really difficult times."

Dr. Latifey LaFleur says not only can the Picard Center provide the space for these meetings, but also personnel to help facilitate the sessions.

"It's good opportunity for our interns to work with them and a good opportunity for them to utilize our resources."

The classes will begin this Thursday, January 31 and continue every other week until the end of May. For more information you can contact the Crouch Foundation through their website, or by phone at 337-234-1828.

As a teaching clinic the Picard Center offers free counseling for individuals, families, couples and play therapy for children. You can contact the center at 337-482-1018.



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