Nov 19, 2010 11:59 PM by Marcelle Fontenot

Crimetracker - Lafayette Parish

This is a map of the city of Lafayette. There are a few different symbols on here but we are going to focus on these. The green ones with what appears to be money bags on them. As you see they are all over the city of Lafayette in every precincts. These money bags represent the crime police are fighting the most.

"I've been hearing about a lot of break ins and robberies around town."

"One of the major crimes we are responding to are thefts, throughout the city in all precints."

From July 1st to October 18, Lafayette police have responded to almost 11,000 thefts including shoplifting, theft of bikes, car thefts, credit card thefts among others.

"For the most part, some of these crimes are crimes of opportunity. Vehicles being left unlocked. Residents aren't locking their doors"

Compiling crime stats so far this year, Lafayette police anticipate a decline in most other reported crimes except theft.

"I have never had problems with it; but I have good neighbors who look after my house when I am not around. That helps a lot."

"It happens everywhere in the city of Lafayette. We don't have any particular neighborhood that's least vulnerable than others. I think if the opportunity presents itself, the suspects are going to take advantage of that."

The department studies crimes weekly and identifies "hot spots". Resources are then redirected to that area to deter theft and make arrest.

"One of the main things we tell people, they have to get involved and assist police. We cannot police the city without the assistance of citizens and that seems to work."

"I try to keep my property locked up and having good neighbors does help. Neighborhood watch of course and from there just being cautious makes the difference."

Our Crimetracker series wraps up with New Iberia on Monday.



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