Nov 19, 2010 10:33 AM by Marcelle Fontenot

Crimetracker - Acadia Parish

As we continue our crimetracker series we moved to Acadia Parish. These are police reports from the city of Crowley over a 4 month period. We broke these down and here are places throughout the city were the most prevelant crime is happening. What crimes are happening most in Crowley theft and burglary.

"They broke in here and took a 52 inch tv." Lorna Lawerance has been a victim of theft burglary at her home in Crowley. Lorna said, "and she moved here to be safe." Now she's talking about her sister who is moving away from Crowley because she doesn't feel safe anymore after her front door was kicked in.

"In the last few years we have seen an increase in kick in door, daytime type burglaries." Crowley police chief KP Gibson says thefts and burglaries are happening more than any other crime in his city. In the first 22 days of October of the 128 calls police officers responded to 91 of those were related to theft or burglaries. Gibson says criminals are more bold these days, breaking in during the day, expecting everyone to be away from home.

"They bust this door down and about 9 more houses." Linton Anderson says crime has slowed down some on his street because he is stepping up and helping to do something about it. "We call the police and they have been doing their jobs, passing around so we haven't been seeing that much anymore."

Crowley police chief KP Gibson says, "43 officers can't handle a city and that's not one shift at a time that the entire department, can't handle the crime without people getting involved."

Chief Gibson says knowing and looking out for your neighbor is the first step and you have to take it a step further.

Linton Anderson says, "anything can happen, you have to be careful and watch at all times. We call the police and they come."

Chief Gibson says for many of the theft calls his department responds to, some of them turn out to be not a theft at all, like a lost cell phone. And in some cases reported thefts turn out to be civil matters, like a dispute over money.

Friday night our crimetracker brings us to Acadiana's largest city, Lafayette.



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