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Jun 27, 2014 7:26 PM by Ashlea Bullington

Crime Spike in Lafayette

In the last month, there has been a spike in crime throughout Acadiana. Police say the majority of that is gun crime. So far this year, Lafayette Police say they've taken 128 guns off the streets --- that's up compared to this time last year. With the increase in gun-related crimes, it has officials concerned not about the guns people have bought -- but the ones that have been illegally obtained.

District Four Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux says he is concerned about the amount of crime in his district.

"People illegally find these guns and don't have investment in them. When you don't have investment in the firearm, you don't understand how to use them," Boudreaux said. "In one day, in one hour, within one mile of each other, we had three gun-related crimes and that is unacceptable. Then the next day, we have another gun-related activity that vandalized three vehicles and attempted to kill someone."

Lafayette Police say they can't zero in on one specific area where gun-related crime is up.

"We have seen a spike in not only robberies, but also shootings. Where guns have been involved in the crime in one way or another," said Lafayette Police Colonel Paul Mouton.

Councilman Boudreaux urges citizens to take a stand against gun-related crime. He says one way to do that is with a "Gun Buy Back" seminar. It will be held Saturday, June 28th at the New Church at 2700 Louisiana Avenue in Lafayette. All guns will be bought back for $50, with no questions asked about where the gun came from.



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