Mar 6, 2014 6:25 PM by Kari Beal

Crawfish prices up, restaurants prepare for Friday

It's no secret. The weather has put this year's crawfish season off to a slow start. Many crawfish are hiding below ground, sending prices through the roof. The cost for crawfish at a few restaurants around Acadiana averages $7 to $8 a pound. This is not good news for those hoping to eat crawfish for Lent tomorrow. Louisiana Crawfish Time is closed tonight to prepare for the first Friday in Lent and this weekend.

"It's been a rough start to say the least," Louisiana Crawfish Time Owner, Ed Wilkerson said. "The cold weather has pushed us back about a month and a half to where we normally are at this time. It has just slowed things down and made prices a little higher."

Wilkerson said not to worry though; they should have enough crawfish to last the weekend.

"We're definitely going to have a lot of crawfish that is why we took a pause" Wilkerson said.

At his restaurant for three pounds of crawfish it's $22.99, and for five pounds it's 36.99. This is similar to other prices in Lafayette.

Below is a list of prices in Lafayette lowest to highest:

Claw Daddy's Crawfish: 1 lb $5.99, 10+ lbs $4.99 each lb
Crawfish Time Inc: 3 lbs $19.89, 5 lbs $32.89
Crawfish Hole: 3 lb $19.99, 5 lb $29.99
The Crawfish Pot: 3 lbs $21.99, 5 lbs $34.95
Louisiana Crawfish Time: 3 lbs $22.99, 5 lbs $36.99
Acadiana Crawfish Express: 3 lbs $23.00, 5 lbs $35.00
Dwight's Restaurant: 3 lbs 23.50, 5 lbs 37.50



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