Mar 28, 2013 8:00 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Cracking Down On Car Rims

A state legislator is cracking down on car rims. Representative Terry Landry says certain rims are unsafe for pedestrians, and his legislation would do something about it.

"It's frightening for me to even think about a pedestrian or a bicyclist being struck by this device," Representative Terry Landry, District 96 (D), said.

Landry says doesn't know anyone who's been injured but he's being proactive.

"Each person has a like and a dislike in what they like in vehicles and added equipment is things that people do. It's a big industry, this is not to injure that industry. It's basically about public safety," Landry said

The bill restricts rims that extend beyond the vehicle, but it doesn't prevent stores from selling them. It prohibits cars with extended rims from going on the road.

"There are people who have cars for show cars.  They don't take them, they carry them in trailers. They take them to car shows, they never get on the roadways," Landry said.

While the legislation prohibits rims from extending past the fenderwell, fender flares offer a solution.

"This flare is, basically what this is, to extend out three inches from where the factory was to cover, to compensate for the extra coverage of what we added to this truck," Brad Griffin, who works at Rim Pros, said.

"We have a lot of people moving about our highways and our streets. And this bill prevents some of these protrusions outside the fenderwell which is basically a public safety issue," Landry said.



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