Jul 21, 2010 7:17 PM by Kate Mundy

Counter Protesters Want to Keep Moratorium

While thousands rallied on Wednesday in Lafayette to lift the moratorium, a handful of people stood out by traffic on Congress Street, in support of the moratorium. About two dozen people addressed traffic while 11,000 others filled the Cajundome. "We're small in numbers but it's the quality of what we're trying to say," said Lafayette resident Joe Glaude.

"Drill baby drill, safely, drill baby drill, safely," shouted one man. They were armed with signs about the President. "Let's quit blaming President Obama for this," said organizer Wallace Senegal. Others held signs about the environment, wildlife and fisheries and the power of oil and gas money on politicians.

The group was pressing for the moratorium to stay in place and for drilling only to proceed, when it's safe. But their message got some passers-by riled up. "How'd you get here by the way, oh yeah in your car! Thank you," screamed one man in a passing truck. "We love you baby, don't hate," replied Glaude.
For more than two hours, the group dealt with heat, honking cars and harsh words. "This is a severe over reaction to a 90 day moratorium," said one protester, who wanted to remain anonymous.

While their numbers were small, across the street, just one man, stood watch. Ovide Mercure couldn't go inside the dome with his huge lift the moratorium sign. So, he took one unoccupied corner, keeping his distance from those with differing opinions. "I respect what they think, I just don't believe in what they think," he said.

"We go out there drilling now and this accident happens before we can get this one really taken care of our gulf coast is already gone right now we don't need any more of it," said Senegal.   


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