Sep 14, 2011 11:32 PM by Shawn Kline

Councilman asks for transparency; Durel backs Redflex renewal

Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel and Councilman William Theriot involved in a heated discussion about a contract with Lafayette Consolidated Government and Redflex Traffic Systems.

Redflex provides the services for Lafayette's red-light and speed enforcement cameras and the fines are split between the the company and LCG.

Theriot brought up the issue at Tuesday night's budget hearing; asking Durel why the contract renewal wasn't brought before council.

"What better time than at budget to discuss how funds are generated and how funds are dedicated?" Theriot asked.

Durel told him a contract extension didn't need a vote.

"The council gave pre-approval to renew the contract for one year," Durel said.

The ordinance allows the City-Parish President to "...execute the contract between Lafayette Consolidated Government and Redflex Traffic Systems."

Optional yearly extensions are written into the contract.
After meeting with LCG's Purchasing Division, Durel decided to extend the option.

"I think (Theriot brought this up at a budget hearing) because we're 5 weeks away from an election," Durel said.

Theriot's response?

"Anytime somebody disagrees with Mayor Durel, he says they're doing it for political motivation." Theriot says, "I don't agree with that."

Durel is calling for reallocation of some of the funds generated from these traffic cameras and Theriot says that's why it's coming-out now and not before the extension was signed in June.



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