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Apr 27, 2011 11:58 PM by Shawn Kline

Council meeting gets heated over Four Corners VFD

In St. Mary Parish, a council meeting gets heated during discussions of the controversial Four Corners Volunteer Fire Department.
Earlier this month, the fire board temporarily disbanded the the entire fire department when its chief allegedly became uncooperative.
Wednesday night, Councilman David Hanagriff called for the removal of a pair of fire board members who oversee Four Corners.

"The board did not approve of any fire district minutes," Hanagriff said during the meeting.

"They were volunteers, David!" Councilman Craig Matthews responded, "they were volunteers all along, they were running 911 calls the same way the previous volunteers did."

Hanagriff and Matthews' heated discussion however, was interrupted by Chairman, Steve Bierhorst knocking his hammer.

"Obviously we're not going to get by this tonight," Bierhorst said to the councilmen.

"Then continue your witch hunt and move on, sir," Councilman Matthews said to Hanagriff.

This is the second time Hanagriff and Matthews have had some heated words for each other. The first time at a council meeting two weeks ago over the disbanding of the Four Corners Volunteer Fire Department.

Wednesday night, the fire board told the council everything is back to normal but Councilman Hanagriff isn't sold on that; asking for the removal of two fire board member.

"They've shown time and time again, they do not follow rules, regulations or laws," Hanagriff said of the District 11 fire board.

"What we're experiencing... is just one councilman's witch hunt," Matthews said of the arguments.

Matthews, not convinced of any controversy. He says Hanagriff is accusing the board of altering minutes to a meeting and allowing unauthorized 9-1-1 calls but Matthews says Hanagriff has no proof.

"All the controversy has been mitigated," Matthews said.

"They're trying to get around it." Hanagriff says, "and I'm all about policy and procedures."

Policies and procedures that will again be discussed at the next council meeting in two weeks.



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