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Mar 27, 2014 8:43 AM by Dave Baker

Cool Schools: Cecil Picard Elementary

Jump Rope for Heart wrapped up on March 7th at Cecil Picard Elementary. P.E. teachers Ms. Amy Hebert and Ms. Pauline Scott told the students that if $5,000.00 or more was donated Ms. Hebert would let kids throw pie in her face. Students were very excited about passing the goal and seeing Ms. Hebert get hit with pie!

The teachers incorporated special activities during their classes. The students learned facts about the heart and eating healthy. Students jumped rope, did speed stackers, and hula hoops. The total collected by our students was $9,522.50! As of early March they were ranked number nine in the state. Vermilion parish is on track to be the top in the state for amount of donations for Jump Rope for Heart.


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