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Jul 4, 2014 11:54 PM by Alex Labat

Competitors Vie to Become Top Dog in Broussard Hot Dog Eating Contest

Competition. It's what drives these red-blooded Americans, as they chow down for the 2nd Annual Royal Hot Dog Eating Competition in Broussard. That, and a little hunger. "I am a little hungry. But I heard that last years competitor only had 11 hot dogs, and I think I might be able to compete with him", says first-time contestant Jared Rangel. Competitors only have 10 minutes to scarf down as many hot dogs as they can, but it's tough when you're going up against the "Cajun Kobayashi" aka Lawrence Dauphine. "There's always somebody that could eat more than me. So maybe I can have competition this time", says the reigning champion.
The contest was a showcase of a broader picture of America. People of different genders and races, some of them soldiers, pushing each other to do (and chew) their best. "If that freedom includes eating a whole lot of hot dogs. Just shoving em down your throat and having a good time. Then hey, you're free to do so", says Army veteran Mike Bastien.
But even though it might be a competition, all of the proceeds from the event go towards helping Miles Perret Cancer Services. And that makes everyone a winner. Especially the "Cajun Kobayashi", winner two years in a row.


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