Jan 4, 2010 6:24 PM by Sarah Rosario

COLD WEATHER; A Brief Summary of What You Should Do.

When the temperature drops, taking precautions at home can be life saving. Five nights this week are forecasted to drop below the freezing marks. The low temps can be harmful not only to you but to your pets, your plants and your pipes.

Fire officials say the most important thing for us to remember is heating safety. If you have a central heating system, make sure its maintained. If you don't, and you have to use a space heater, try to find a new one that has a safety tip switch. Which ever one you have, make sure it's as far as three feet away from anything. The last thing you need is a fire. "A safety tip switch will allow if something knocks it over, it will cut off automatically. So, that's the best one to have," said Fire Dept. Rep, Alton Trahan.

When it comes to pets make sure they have some sort of shelter, and if they have short fur, cloth them.

For pipes, plumbers say to wrap them. You can use ready made pipe insulation, a newspaper, or even a blanket. The key is to do it now, before it gets too cold.

Sarah Rosario



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