Oct 2, 2013 8:49 AM by Dave Baker

Cold Front VS Tropics-Weekend Smackdown

We'll be watching North versus South as we head into the weekend, as two major weather players come together in an epic battle for the Gulf Coast!

Contender #1:  A tropical wave that is currently in the western Caribbean.  The National Hurricane Center still thinks there is a moderate (40%) chance that this will become a tropical depression or tropical storm over the next two days and a 50% chance it will develop Friday through Sunday.  The disturbance is moving northwest and will enter the southern Gulf late Thursday.  Then the forecast turns it northward.

Contender #2:  Cold front.  Still in development over the Rockies.  Low pressure will develop over the eastern Rockies pulling colder air down from Canada.  Snows are likely for the northern mountains and the high plains.  The low will pull into the middle part of the country and intensify bringing the chance for severe weather over Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.  As this low strengthens it will pull more cold air southward and a significant cold front will head south.

Game Time:  Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning.

Game Predictions:  The tropical system will slowly develop reaching tropical storm strength before heading toward the northern Gulf Coast.  It will be named Karen.  Windy conditions for the offshore waters as the pressure gradient tightens.  The front will surge southward reaching the Louisiana Gulf Coast Saturday night.  This should be a solid defensive line that will sweep Karen to the northeast protecting Acadiana from a landfall, instead shoving Karen toward the Florida Gulf Coast.

Final Result for Acadiana:  Cold Front: 2  Karen: 0.  Cooler, drier air should win this battle.  Which gives one point for the cold front.  The second unanswered point will be the result of a Karen long as she moves northeast and strengthens, she should help pull the front even farther southward and continue to pump in the cooler air well into next week!


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