May 1, 2014 4:56 PM by Daniel Phillips

Coastal Parishes Enter Moderate Drought, Rain Stays Elusive

After a week of extreme weather across the majority of the southeast, the forecast has finally settled down as high pressure takes center stage. 

The ridge of high pressure will keep skies clear for the most part with a few meandering clouds moving across blue skies. 

At least in the immediate future rainfall will stay clear of Louisiana, which will be very pleasant for people who planned to head to the Crawfish Festival this weekend. 

Although rain often ruins outdoor plans, it is certainly very vital to the health of a particular region; and at this point south Louisiana could use some rain. 

Forecasters aren't quiet ready to put the word "drought" into effect just yet for Lafayette or the Parishes along the I-10 corridor, it could be that those words will start to be mentioned in the next few weeks. 

Despite a few rounds of recent rainfall the coastal parishes are entering what forecasters are calling a "moderate drought". 

To give you an idea of how little rainfal we have received  here are some of the numbers, since the start of the year Lafayette has only received 12.01" of rainfall, a solid 5+" below our standard 17.84" we typically see by this time. 

Similarly New Iberia has recorded 12.12" of rain so far as opposed to their standard 17.25" they typically see by the start of May. 

A few factor were looked at before determining the drought outlook for Louisiana, more then just total rainfall. 

Depleting moisture content in the soil, damage to crops, and effects on trees caused by dryness were all considered when creating the drought outlook. 

Our situation certainly isn't as dire as it is in other parts of the country but a good rain event could go a long way in helping replenish some of that water content and help us get back on track. 

Unfortunately though rain doesn't appear to be a factor in the forecast, at least not in the immediate future. 



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