Feb 11, 2010 10:15 AM by Jon Carrere

Clean Ditches Causes Controversy

Residents along Savoy Rd. in Youngville say clogged ditches have been their headache for years.

"There's times when there's anywhere from six inches to a foot of water over the road," says Ronnie Landry.

He says he's lived here for at least nine years.

Landry tells us he's called numerous times to both the city council and the public works department asking for help and his ditche are still clogged up in front of his house today.
"To me if they were going to do it right they would have stared at Verot School Rd. and work their way down," says Landry.

Work is now being done in the area, but it's still not making Landry satisfied.

He says crews only came out after a former councilman moved onto the street.

Thursday public works was cleaning out Randy Menard's ditch.

We asked former Councilman Menard if he felt he was getting special treatment because you're a former councilman.

He reponded "absolutely not I think that is hilarious."

Menard tells us he simply made a request to the current councilman as did several other people on Savoy.

That's when current councilman, Ronnie Theriot made the formal request to public works.

Theriot says he has no control over who gets work done when.

He only submits the request to the Lafayette Office of Public Works.

We asked public works for paperwork showing who requested the work and when.

An official there said due to the nature of our questions, we'd have to file a freedom of information request.

We've done that and are still awaiting the answers tonight.


Here is a copy of that request.



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