Oct 17, 2011 11:41 PM by Chris Welty

City of Scott Unveils Comprehensive Plan

The City of Scott met to unveil its comprehensive plan to revitalize the city over the next twenty years.

Over the past week, city officials in Scott asked for the community's input as they put together a comprehensive plan.

"It'll be a wonderful thing if it can be done and if it is implemented, it will be great."

Plans to beautify roadways, add round-abouts, and to build a new cultural center are on the list to make the city where the west begins a gateway to the rest of Acadiana while preserving the city's heritage.

"It is a beautiful way to look at the future because everything that he spoke about is something that needs to be done for the city. The traffic is horrible, the drainage is bad at times."

Recent flood maps released by FEMA have most of the city in flood zones. The new plan has drainage at the top of its list, and the hope is to reduce the risk of flooding up to 50 percent which will also create an economic boost.

"Insurance rates, it's going to help the people. We have some people that have great property, but with the new map, they can't build anything," said Mayor Purvis Morrison.

Citizens are optimistic about the future and understand the changes will take time.

"I hope they start it soon because 20 years from now, I won't be old, but I'd like to see it done now because it needs to be done."

Chris Welty



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