Jun 14, 2012 6:12 PM by Erin Steuber

Chief Craft reassures public LPD continuing to protect and serve despite allegations

"We will continue to perform our duties with honesty and integrity in spite of this viciousness which has attempted to pervade our ranks. God bless this city and God bless the Lafayette Police Department," said Police Chief Jim Craft.
Craft said because of pending litigation he could not comment on specific claims related to the case.
Two lawsuits have been filed, last week one was filed in federal court. Allegations against LPD include corruption, crime statistic manipulation and harassment.
Chief Craft addressed the public, reassuring that Lafayette Police Department employees are continuing to faithfully protect and serve, despite recent allegations against him and the department. Chief Craft says most of the employees at the LPD lead private lives, attempting to stay out of the spotlight. Now, without warning, their names have been thrown into the public eye.
"Most in our department question how a police officer could do this to another, without regard for their well-being or the well-being of their families," said Craft.
He says it's been traumatic and devastating to both the officers and their families. Craft assures that "their selfish scheme" is not working and the employees of the department are professionals who will not let this detract from their jobs.
"Likewise, friends, relatives and citizens from across the community and beyond who have called, emailed and left countless messages voicing support of us. They are not buying into this sham either," Craft said.
The officer's attorney, Stephen Spring, says it's extraordinary that the chief would dismiss the claims of the ten current and former police officers.
Spring says "The only 'sham' is the method by which Chief James Craft and the Durel administration professes to be fair, impartial and just. All plaintiffs have the highest regard for the department and their fellow officers."
Craft says only time, patience and the judicial system will prove the allegations false.

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