Apr 3, 2012 7:10 PM by Erin Steuber

Changes to Abbeville Mobile Home Ordinance

At a council meeting in Abbeville, a decision will be made whether or not mobile homes that are 15 years or older can be relocated into city limits.
Mortimer Cottrell was unaware that his plans to move elsewhere in the city could change with a council vote.
"It's going to be kinda tough," said Cottrell. "Were planning on moving now. If that law were to pass and we stay here another three years it'd be kinda hard. I don't know what we'd do."
As the ordinance stands mobile homes twenty years or older may not be permitted to relocate in Abbevillle, but could change to 15.
Mobile home owners already in Abbeville are not being forced to follow the new law. But if at any point residents want to relocate to within the city, their home will be forced to comply with new standards.
Cottrell lives in a 12 year old mobile home and says the cost of moving a trailer is expensive enough.
"If you wanted a home and couldn't afford a new one and you wanted something where would you go," said Cottrell.
Residents like Cottrell are close to the 15 year limit but officials say residents should not be concerned.
"We don't want to deny anybody an opportunity to have a home to live in thats not what this is about its simply an upgrade," said Francis Plaisence, Councilman at Large.
Plaisence says the ordinance is meant to improve the look of the city and mobile home living, but residents are not sold on the idea.
"It would make the area look better but people can only buy what they can afford," said Cottrell.
Each home will be looked at on a case by case basis in order to determine it's status.
"You could have a trailer thats 15 years old but the condition of it may be as if it was 30," said Plaisence. "Yet you may have a mobile home of 15 years and the condition could be 10 or five."





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