Dec 10, 2013 6:51 PM by ALLISON BOURNE-VENNECK

Changes coming to Louisiana GED program

Time is running out for those in the process of trying to get their GEDs. You must complete it by the end of the year, otherwise you'll have to start all over with a new test.

As of January 1st, Louisiana will no longer offer GED testing. Instead it will switch to a High School Equivalency Test, also called the "HiSET."

As a result enrollment for GED classes have increased in the last several months. Students like 19-year-old Maria Alfred are anxious to finish.

"I study every night right before I go to bed," GED student Maria Alfred said.

Alfred says she has two parts left of her GED to pass.

"Yeah it's been tough, and like things that you don't know you have to keep going over it, do it again," Alfred said.

Alfred is one of many students in Lafayette trying to get her GED.

"We saw a rush of calls a rush of students," Robin Vidrine said, who's director of services for Goodwill in Acadiana, and works with Goodwill's GED program. "We've actually gotten a lot in between October and November trying to get them finished before December," she said.

Julianna Porche, who's an instructor for Goodwill's GED program, says the material on the GED will be similar to the material on the new test. However, one big difference between the two will be the structure of the test.

"The math instead of being two parts is one part," Julianna Porche said. "The structure is definitely better as far as writing as well. They know they have to write a persuasive essay so we know exactly what we're getting for the writing," she said.

Alfred hopes she won't have to take the new test, and she'll get her GED just in time.

"You have to motivate yourself. Be confident knowing that you can do it," Alfred said.



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