Jan 5, 2012 9:01 AM by Cecilia Stevenson

Cattle farmers struggle with drought

MONTEGUT, La. (AP) - On Herdis Neil's farm near Montegut, the land is so dry that livestock consistently wander into the drainage ditch in search of water at the bottom and get stuck there.
That's what happened Tuesday evening. Neil found a calf stuck up to its belly on the muddy banks.
The cow was small enough that he could pull it out by its neck. But others have required a tractor to lift them out of the ditch. Neil has lost at least two dozen this year, including a 3-year-old bull worth $1,500.
Last year it was reported that it was unusually dry across Louisiana's coastal parishes, and while that yielded a productive sugar-cane harvest, for cattle farmers like Neil, the drought has been costly.


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