Apr 27, 2012 6:26 PM by Erin Steuber

Canailles plays at Festival for the first time

One of the more than 50 bands playing at Festival this weekend is here for the first time. Canailles has played large venues before, but nothing like this. Saying Louisiana is where their music gets its sound.  "Some of the roots of the band the inspiration comes from here so its a privelege for us to be here," said musician Eric Evans.

Their music is a fusion of folk, bluegrass, blues and zydeco, or as they say 'Quebecer hillbilly music.' "We play with the accordion and banjo and mandolin and up right base," said Evans. "It makes our sound and we found our sound through the instrument."

Bands from all over the world will perform this weekend on 5 stages around Festival grounds.
"It's a party band, like even if you don't know us, you'll have to dance and have fun and drink."
The band was invited after a Festival organizer saw the band playing in Montreal. "We play at the Francophonlie Montreal," said singer Daphnae Brissette. "Its like a huge francophone festival in Montreal and there was Lisa Stafford for the Festival. She was there and she came to see us."

If you missed today's performance don't worry, they will be playing again tomorrow and Sunday. "It really is cool to be here, we do enjoy it and well be back for sure," said Evans.


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