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Jul 31, 2014 7:59 PM by Valerie Ponseti

Campers Put Their Hearts Into It at Camp Bon Coeur

Camp Bon Coeur, or camp "Good Heart" in Eunice is a place for children across the country. The camp offers several activities and educational programs.
Camper Hannah Baetge says, "We've done art, archery, swimming, horses, we also get to learn about hearts." Camp Bon Coeur offers activities that children with heart conditions wouldn't normally be able to do safely. The campers also take classes about the different heart conditions they have, and their corresponding treatments.
Parent Michelle Pinson has been sending her daughter to camp for four years. She says, "She gets to enjoy things that she wouldn't regularly get to go to a regular camp and do because of her heart conditions. She gets to meet people with the same heart condition and know that there is other people out there. She's not just by herself."
Campers say the sense of welcoming and unity at camp is irreplaceable.
"You don't have to be nervous about who's going to laugh at you if you say something wrong or talking about your heart," says camper Caleb Spearman.
Executive Director Susannah Craig thinks what they take home is much more valuable than just a good time. She says, "Their confidence grows, their skill set grows and they're part of our family, and when they leave here they know they always have a place to come back where they'll be happy and safe and welcome."
Click here to register your child for Camp Bon Coeur.


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