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Oct 16, 2012 7:45 PM by Kristen Holloway

Campaign Pamphlet Debate

Tonight campaign pamphlets are being reprinted and the Tea Party of Lafayette has retracted statements they made about Congressman Charles Boustany. The Tea Party printed handouts that contain false information about Boustany's time in office. A pamphlet was released this past weekend by The Tea Party of Lafayette. Congressman Charles Boustany is upset about the pamphlet because according to him it's a lie.
"Freedom Works is working hand and hand with Congressman Jeff Landry and lying about my campaign and lying about my positions," said Congressman Charles Boustany.
The Tea Party of Lafayette endorses Jeff Landry. Party coordinators admit they made a few mistakes. The handout says Boustany agreed to raise taxes. That is not true. His signature is on a pledge to oppose any tax increases.
"The tax pledge was not in our original document and maybe the graphic designer at Freedom Works inserted it," said Tea Party Coordinator Joyce Linde.
The Tea Party's coordinator adds information printed about Boustany not being pro-life were incorrect as well.
"This is one endorsement of several that got by us," said Joyce Linde.
Even though mistakes were made and misinformation given to voters, Linde says once they found the two mistakes, they immediately fixed the problem. However Boustany thinks this was malicious, planned and repeated.
"The people of South Louisiana are better than that and I think they recognize lies for what they really are," said Congressman Boustany.
Once again, the pamphlet was issued by The Tea Party of Lafayette not the Jeff Landry Campaign. They say they had nothing to do with it.


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