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Aug 5, 2011 12:29 PM by Nichole Larkey

Camp Brave Hearts 2011

Hospice of Acadiana is helping grieving children. Campers are spending time at Camp Brave Hearts to learn how to deal with losing a loved one.

"I like camp brave heart because it helps me get through my daddy's death

It's hard enough to lose a loved one if you're an adult. Even more difficult trying to understand death if you're a child. The children at camp brave hearts are 7 through 11. They come together to share their experiences with other kids dealing with losing a loved one.

Director Jessica Johnson says, "Their faced with the challenges of grief, so their here to do fun therapeutic activities to help them with that grief."

Campers are encouraged to explore the emotional, behavioral and physical adjustments after losing someone close to them.

Volunteer Beverly Rozas tells us, "sadness and happiness out in the open and teach them what to do when there home and feelings happy or sad about the loss of their love one."

During the two day camp they participate in activities like pillow making. Trained volunteers let them know it's okay to be sad and angry, and that they can use their pillows to transfer their anger.

One camper says, "my favorite thing at brave heart is that we get to make pillows," and another camper says, "we get to do a lot of fun stuff and make news friends."

But the most important thing at camp brave hearts is kids feel like they have a safe place to freely share feelings.

Beverly Rozas explains it the best, "the name brave heart comes from the fact that these kids have very very brave hearts for what they've been through and the progress they've made."



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