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May 16, 2011 1:04 AM by MIKE MAGNOLI

Butte La Rose: Trucks, Trailers, People Getting Out

The Pontoon Bridge into Butte La Rose now has National Guard troops and Sheriff deputies nearby--and people with trucks and trailers are packed up-- leaving the area.

But Randy Moncrief is not leaving just yet: He says he'll wait til the evacuation is mandatory. His family camp is called Timbuktu. It's right on the water. Saturday Randy watched the tv coverage of the Morganza spill way opening.

"When I saw that I knew just how much water is fixing to come this way."

Randy put up a sign earlier this week to measure the river's rise: And if the water gets to 28 feet no two ways about it Timbuktu will be under water.

That's why in the meantime, Randy and friends are enjoying a cookout. If the flood is going to take out their camp, they say let's enjoy it while we still can

Even while we're talking, the water is coming up. 3 inches in two hours. Randy and others we interview, say they don't think officials know for sure what the time-line is going to be, but they suspect a more gradual process, not an overnight disaster. But they all agree, watching it happen slow, isn't going to take away the sting.




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