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May 11, 2011 7:44 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Butte La Rose Residents Worry About Flood Insurance

Flooding is the number one natural hazard in the United States. Despite this, only 29 percent of Louisiana residents have flood insurance.
Most Butte La Rose homeowners are carrying furniture out of homes and salvaging everything they can before the flood waters get too high.
Resident, Susan Moncrief, said "we got the opportunity to get out what we can and save what we can. Hopefully we won't have to rebuild and we'll have some of our stuff out."
What about things that can't be hauled away? Most area residents do have homeowners' insurance, like Clara Baudoin's son, but that won't help with flood damages.
She said he didn't get flood insurance because of the high cost, and the location sometime poses a problem.
Homeowner, Stephen Landry, said, "you know when you build in a flood-zone you can get flooded and it's a chance you take."
Moncrief said,she feels fortunate to have flood insurance.
She explained, "I feel bad for my neighbors and old-timers who don't have insurance because they aren't financially able to. My heart goes out to them, and I hope they don't get damage."
According to FEMA, flood insurance does cover things like the building's foundation, detached garages and built-in appliances.
It doesn't cover property outside the covered building-things like decks, patios or fences. Also not included-cars and damage caused by moisture or mildew that could have been avoided by the property owner.
"A lot of people are concerned about the Morganza opening and that decision being made by engineers that would nullify the insurance," Moncrief said.
Officials said even though opening of the flood spillways is not natural, the water heading this way is, so it's well within the coverage guidelines.


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