Sep 10, 2010 1:10 PM by Melissa Canone

Businesses Seeing Spike in Sales For Saints Opener

Anything sporting the saints logo from cups to T-shirts to caps can't stay on store shelves.

Academy Manager, Scott Guidry, said he expects to be busy "until game time and once game time starts, I'm sure we'll slow down."

Fans out shopping definitely have their favorite saints player

Saints' fan, Rachel Burley, said "we are huge saints fans and my son's birthday is tomorrow and I actually came to get him a new Drew Brees jersey."

Another fan, Mark Leger, said "I have my super bowl jersey on, so I'm sporting that and I'm here to buy some more saints gear."

Fans aren't just buying saints gear to get prepared for tonight. they're also getting ready for mid-game munchies.

An employee at Deano's Steve Saltzman , said "a lot of people ordering appetizer trays and pizzas for the big game."

Chefs at Deano's have been making pizza after pizza and the to-go orders have been coming in all day.

Saltzman said, "a lot of parties at the house, we've sold a lot of take and bake pizzas you can put it on a tray and cook it when you get there."

Saints' fan, Lyndsay Cormier, said "I've been getting ready for it. I even went and did my nails all fancy for it. I"m probably just going to get a pizza from here and go watch the game at somebody's house with all of our friends."



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