Aug 17, 2012 12:34 PM by Ian Auzenne

Brandon Scott Lavergne Pleads Guilty to Murder; Court Documents Explain Events

Brandon Scott Lavergne pleads guilty to murdering Lisa Pate and Mickey Shunick in exchange for life in prison. Lavergne was required to show police where Mickey Shunick's body was buried and physically recreate the actions on May 19.  Lavergne signed of statements the prosecution presented to the court.  Those statements say Lavergne followed Shunick down St. Landry Street in his truck.  He intentionally hit her bike and persuaded her into his vehicle.  She was able to mace him, grab his knife, and stab him several times, giving him what were described as "life-threatening cuts."  He grabbed the knife back and stabbed Shunick four times until she fell over.  At this point, Lavergne thought she was dead.  However, when Lavergne brought Shunick to a seclude cane field in Acadia Parish, she jumped up and regained control of knife.  Shunick stabbed him in the chest.  That's when Lavergne grabbed a semi-automatic handgun and shot Shunick in the head, killing her instantly.

We will have more details coming up on and on Acadiana's NewsChannel at 5:00.

READ the "Statement in Support of Plea" here that was filed in the courthouse.  It spells out the case and the evidence leading up to the plea.

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