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Brandon Lavergne's Legal/Criminal Timeline

4/12/1999: Brandon Scott Lavergne is accused of oral sexual battery of a woman in Evangeline Parish.

06/1999: Lisa Pate of Youngsville last seen. Family members say she didn't show up for her son's birthday party, which was weird.

07/03/1999: Investigators believe this is around the date Pate was murdered.

09/17/1999: Lavergne marries a woman in Natchitoches, LA.

09/21/1999: Lisa Pate's body is found in the northern part of Acadia Parish.

12/24/1999: Lavergne's ex-wife accuses him, in the divorce records, of domestic violence at Fort Polk. She said she went to the ER at Fort Polk to get a CT scan after being hit several times on the head with his fists. She also says he tried to smother her. We can find no records where Lavergne was charged with this crime; the clerk says they don't keep records past eight years. They say they'll get back to us and will continue looking into it.

02/08/2000: Lavergne's ex-wife accuses him, in the divorce records, of domestic violence. She says Lavergne went to her place of employment at Doctor's Hospital and struck her in the face, grabbed her around the neck, and pushed her down.  

02/09/2000: Lavergne booked into the Opelousas jail on a simple battery charge in connection with the claim made by his ex-wife. Police say he was released to Fort Polk officials, but the city clerk says they didn't get notification he was arrested, so his warrant is still active on the battery charge.  It is still unclear why the warrant wasn't cleared in city court, why a court date wasn't set in Opelousas, and why a hold wasn't put on him when he was booked into Evangeline Parish two days later. As a result, this case has never gone to trial.

02/11/2000: Lavergne booked into jail in Evangeline Parish on an aggravated oral sexual battery charge where he would serve eight years.

10/16/00: A divorce is granted between Lavergne and his ex-wife in St. Landry Parish.

12/27/00: A judge grants Lavergne's ex-wife custody of their child; today that child is 11 years old.

04/09/2008: A grand jury in Acadia Parish hears a case involving a second degree murder charge against Brandon Scott Lavergne. The victim is identified as Lisa Pate The clerk said there was not enough evidence to issue a true bill or a no true bill in the case.

08/09/2008: Lavergne is released from the Evangeline Parish jail on the aggravated oral sexual battery charge.

05/19/2012, 1:48 a.m.: Mickey is caught on camera, riding her bike, on St. Landry Street. Police say between St. Landry and Blackham Coliseum, Lavergne allegedly kidnapped Mickey. Her bike's damage is consistent with being hit from behind by a vehicle.

05/19/2012, approximately 3:00 pm: According to a police report from Jefferson Parish, Lavergne says he was attacked at a gas station in the New Orleans area, repeatedly stabbed by an unknown man.

05/19/2012, 6:30 p.m.: Mickey's family reports her missing to police.

05/19/2012, 11:00 p.m.: Lavergne is interviewed by Jefferson Parish deputies in connection with an aggravated battery/robbery against him earlier that afternoon. The interview happens at a hospital in New Orleans as Lavergne is being treated, according to a police report. Lavergne can't recall where it happened.

05/25/2012: The video surveillance photos were released to the public.

05/26/2012: Mickey's bike was located under the Whiskey Bay Bridge.

05/31/2012: Lafayette Police say Lavergne's truck was found burned in San Jacinto County, TX.

05/31/2012: Montgomery County Sheriff's Department says Lavergne reports his truck missing.

06/04/2012: Don's Wholesale in Lafayette Parish says Lavergne bought a white, Z-71 pick up truck. Police say the truck is just like his previous truck, found burned in Texas.

06/14/2012: Lafayette Police get the tip the white truck of interest was found burned in Texas. Lafayette Police say it's Lavergne's truck.

07/05/2012: State Police stop Lavergne on a traffic stop in a new white truck and arrest him on a warrant related to registering as a sex offender. He's also booked on first degree murder and kidnapping charges. Police say he is not cooperating.

07/18/2012: Lavergne is indicted in the murders of Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate.


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